Technical analysis

Hello everyone. I’m new in Forex and I’m still in the gathering information part. while doing so I came across with the Technical analysis and Fundamental analysis terms and I think I got their meaning quite well, but I stil have a doubt about the Technical analysis. I’m aware of the different variables between the two of them, but, is Technical Analysis only applicable if you’re an small or medium investor?
I appreciate if someone could help me with this.
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From my short time of dealing with this crazy forex trading, I’ve met some “big guys”, people dealing with local banks, that still rely on technical indicators if for no other reason than to support what they “see” in the fundamentals. An agreement with a Moving Average, what the MACD is doing in relation to a news release, and, well, the list can go on forever.

As is always the case, I guess it just goes back to personal taste. What you like best. For me, I’m purely a technical type of trader BUT! do keep an eye on fundamental news releases as to how it may effect my trading, or as best I can, that is. Like you, still learning and trying my best to “keep my eyes and ears open”.

Wishing you success…

Well, I’m new to this site, and fairly new to forex. However, the T/A and fundamental analysis aspects have many similarities with the stock market… which I have much experience with. Technical analysis is important, but ignore fundamentals at your own peril. In stocks, it means conference calls & earnings reports; in forex it means a lot more, there’s news coming out all the time…you can get blindsided easier. A lot of people trade around the news for this aspect.

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Technical analysis is a technique of evaluating securities by analyzing the figures generated by marketplace activity, such as earlier period prices and quantity. Technical analysts do not effort to determine a security’s inherent value, but as an alternative use charts and other tools to recognize patterns that can put forward future activity.:slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the advice. abd i wish you succes as well.
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