Technical analysis!

how we can improve our skill . technical analysis which help us winning ! all of you can share you systerm trading or book about it ! we can get the best way to learn .


yes. we should do thay . i usually MA to analysis

we must have patience when we trade forex !

be carefull guys .this time technical analysis can be worng about news war USA vs Syria

I keep it simple by sticking to inflection points. But I throw in a lot of fundamental analysis in the mix!

yeah. in this market technical analysis is a best way for signal. because market is fast. it’s good for trader. newbier and pro trader. but we can analysis by fundamental which is good if we combine two way

you have to discover your own way… it is heavily dependant on trading style, timeframe, risk aversion, and many other factors.
In other markets you can be strictly technical if you wish but in Fx even a little bit of fundamental is absolutely necessary.

with trader . we have many rule for trade. and technical signal is one thing of plan trading. because as Milos told. it depend on timeframe, risk/reward, stategy trading.