Technical and fundamental analysis

How do you strike the balance between technical analysis and fundamental analysis? :thinking:

The correct combination of technical and fundamental analysis is determined by your investing objectives, risk tolerance, and trading style. Both methodologies have advantages and disadvantages, and some investors and traders prefer to utilize a combination of the two to make sound decisions.

FA without price action is just noise. TA tells us what FA means.


I try to maintain balance between them, because relying on exclusively one of them may be not efficient, however 70% of my efforts are directed on exploring price patterns, i.e. technical analysis,

Fundamental analysis provides the ‘what,’ but it’s technical analysis that helps us understand the ‘why’ and ‘when’ behind market movements.

Fundamental analysis will tell you the direction to trade and technical analysis will tell you where you will find best place to enter your trade or exit your trade.

This is true to a limited extent in trading on the stock market.

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