Technical Templates Continued

Yo Jos,

Nice to see you dropping by. The TT thread has left important traces in our trading. :slight_smile:

Seem that in a new year, Jimmy is still as irritating as before. :smiley:
Why not let him use your username and allow him to appear in BP, let us handle him. :smiley:


Hi Jocelyn!

Yes it was Dee Dee’s FX Ranger blog/site. I also caught some of Mark & your other sisters (Anna) work on the H5 commentary review before Art Krantz & Mark closed it down.

I managed to cheekily blag a password access from a friend to Dee Dee’s site.

I wasn’t aware of the lost material at all. I perused their 2 & 3 bar trigger & reversal plays, Marks 1-2-3 fake outs & Shona’s “easy-cook” staggered positional entry management plays :wink: which is why I found your material quite easy to plot & manage. It dove tails nicely alongside certain elements of their work.

The recordings of their live video room action was a real fast learning curve accelerator. I’ve never seen anything like it before or since. That’s where I got hold of his contact details & have communicated with him since then & he also recommended I take a look in here.

I’m afraid I’m a long way from accepting job offers. Just happy to have found a style & set of modules I can comfortably own & work to my advantage!

You people contributed some absolutely fabulous material here. Thank you all very much! :cool:

Hahaha, oh yeah he’s still talking up a storm 25 hours a day, even my ultra-strength ear defenders fail to drown him out!! :wink:

His throat lining must be constructed from heavy duty leather.

Price often repeats it’s behavior at the same levels, based on the same psychology. The only thing that changes over time are the folks trading the instruments.

The mentality (over complicated systems & ill prepared participants that amplify the strong emotions of fear & greed) remains the same……& long may it continue, so that the few can continue to benefit at the expense of the many!!


Had a go at a retrace/potential breakout to the downside with a group of shooting star/pins (on the 5min/15min/30min) at yesterday’s high, but price was so choppy on the tick chart I bailed at barely break even. It is kind of fading the long term trend but short term play had some serious bearish activity following the whipsaw positive GBP CPI results and bearish EUR ZEW (which I found myself bottom-picking with teaser lots all the way down from 1.6430 before getting stopped out underneath the daily open at 1.6315, can’t give a good reason as to why I’d been progressively moving stops down or why I’d continue to go long given the observations in my earlier post lol). Then again I was a tentative to continue this particular short as NY had opened strongly bullish, E/G seemed to have a potential to bottom up having almost hit September '09’s low & noticed comms and futures had picked up a fair bit too. Probably need to start ignoring those correlational factors though…

Having focused entirely on 1 pair lately I feel as though that’s a better idea, it certainly saves getting too tied down & impatient on one at least.

Well I for one have been bouncing between the few and the many crowd (1-2 weeks in the former & 1 day in the latter lol) for the past 12 months and every time I’m in with the crowd it’s taken away more than I’ve been taking - mostly due to overtrading and oversized trading, not sticking to the plan etc. Back on the 2nd thread Tess mentioned something I feel should to graffiti my wall/forehead with:

Guess there’s only a handful of people that are naturally cut out for this game in terms of mind frame and I know I’m definitely not, back to the simulators for me lol.

You got a lot going on there! You sure you need to be aware of all that stuff??

That might be why or how you’re taking 2 steps forward & 3 steps back.
It’s a lot of busy bits & pieces zipping around there. Lighten your load a little & discard some of that baggage.

Focus on the bits you can assert a little control over & get used to familiarizing yourself with your technical set-ups & favorite triggers.

Try picking a specific price action behavior pattern (a reversal or continuation pattern) & match a set-up/trigger combo to sit alongside it.
Don’t observe or trade anything else until you can spot & prepare that one set-up virtually blindfold.

The overtrading bit is usually bad enough, but that triple whammy will definitely mug you pretty quickly unfortunately :frowning:

Just a fleeting visit dancat.
I only returned to work at the weekend after the Xmas & New Years break. Been having a snout around the forum to see if I recognize any names before I sharpen my pencil & roll my sleeves up!

Lot of new faces.

Catcher, With some potential still left in the week, and the fact that we just broke yesterday’s, it looks like there may be some more opportunity on that pair. The current hour is really taking off, and I am now looking for a continuation down. While the strategy I am employing has me tp on the other side of 127.00, I will definitely be keeping a keen eye on last months low.

Hi husky,

Yes, I don’t doubt it. It certainly picked up a head of steam in today’s New York trade didn’t it. :slight_smile:
Nice potential entry on the pullback bar below 128.26.

I’ve only just logged on 15 minutes ago. Unfortunately, I’ve been out & about today so haven’t traded or viewed the charts at all.

eur/jpy wouldn’t have ticked my boxes this morning during London trade, so attention would have turned toward gbp/usd & eur/usd for selling opportunites.

There have been some very solid trades this week & hopefully tomorrow won’t disappoint either!
Good luck if you get the nod to climb aboard!

Catcher, I was in the trade and it hit a couple of my profit points. The closed the 2nd profit point just now, as I am definitely seeing the support at 127.40, at least short term. The remainder of the trade will be kept open and have managed the trade so that the SL is at break even.

Hi Everyone

I jsut come across this thread and its huge i dont know were to start. I am at total lost what you guys talking about but realll like to learn. Is it possible that some one be so kind to explain the method here. I m kind slow on up take. Just enough so i get foot up on the ladder.

Really nice to see good soild community of people helping each other.

Thanks in advance

There’s a good channel of support going back to last May bracketing 126.90 to 127.40 husky.
The sort of typical levels the TT crew would have highlighted as part of their regular commentary updates no doubt.

Below there the next obvious reaction low would be the April 28, 124.37 touch.

Hi bettlebox,
I’m not trying to fob you off or make excuses, but you might get a better idea of what people are talking about if you read through the two Technical Template threads linked by Pipcrawler on the 1st post of this thread.

At least have a browse through Technical Templates 2. It will offer you more than a decent insight to the general topic information.

Hi catcher

I did have browse through already why i made post. Im struggling to grasp the concept, Im not smartness person. Hoping that someone has or could sort of say this is the basic concepts of the method so can i reread threads make bit more sense of it.

Maybe someone else be so kind to outline the concepts.


The basic concept involves developing a trading plan based around horizontal zones of support & resistance, including prior days high-low & prior weeks high-low levels.

The main objective being to trade short & medium momentum moves in tandem with the day & weeks primary directional bias.

That’s it a nutshell. But if you’re struggling to get a grip of what they’re imparting, you’re simply going to have re-read the content of the 2 main threads until it becomes clearer for you.

It’s not difficult, but it does involve a bit of familiarization. However, all the information, including tips & advice of how to set your strategy up to suit your individual tastes is all there in the 2 threads.

It was a bit of a toss up between the two for sure, but the Cable offered the better risk placement for me.

A 30 pips stop back at 1.6200 means a small reduction in size to fit my risk %, but it fitted the criteria so worth taking on as it dropped through the days open.

Average days range takes it to 1.6100 for an approx 1:2.5 reward play. Last weeks low at 1.6057 might be a stretch too far today, but I’ll trail this via the 1 min peak-troughs until & if I can get a better 5 minute peak-trough placement.

We’ll see.

Yes, 6120. It’s just got hit.

Yesterdays low is at 6125, it’s Friday, it’s a breath away from it’s avg days range & to be honest, it’s a decent little move (& return) for the risk outlay.

Late start, early finish which tops off a very satisfactory week! :slight_smile:

A colleague of mine pointed me to this website(the previous thread in particular) and it is by far the best sharing of ideas from people who have obviously been in trading for quite sometime. The method that i’ve been taught to use and the templates shown in this thread are very similar, although I’m an intra-day trader and close out positions by the end of the day, unless I’m ridiculously onside :D. I was hoping maybe i could post a couple of charts now and then and hopefully share ideas with you guys.

Anyway that’s my rant over. :slight_smile:

Tomorrows Prelim Q4 GDP figure for the UK will be keenly watched, as this will indicate whether the UK has finally emerged from the recession. The consensus forecast is 0.4% growth but should the figure come outside analyst’s forecast range, we could get quite a sharp move in the cable as traders will speculate whether or not the BOE’s asset purchase program will be increased, paused or stopped. The last prelim figure was a shock to the downside and the cable fell more than a 150 ticks in a few minutes, however it had already dropped 100 ticks and was on its lows going into the figure. Maybe tomorrows price action will give us a clue as to what the figure is likely to be.

Anyway these are the markers on my chart. Previous week/day highs & lows nothing complicated. A few of the guys over here will have their bids & offers prepped at these levels with quite a small stop, buying weakness and selling strength. It sounds crazy but it generally offers a decent risk:reward. I trade more in line with the content of this thread so I’ll try to post some examples when i get time.

Reading some of the recent comments, do the OP’s not post here anymore?

They curtailed their activity on here back in early October of last year zulu. It’s explained in the last page of their 2nd thread,

Do you have a combination of set ups you call upon to trade around these frequent action points on & around the daily & weekly high/low levels? & do you primarily focus on these levels only?

I like to take on pullbacks, similar to the instances catcher has annotated over the past few pages, plus continuation legs through regional range highs & lows, such as Tokyo, London, New York range high/low levels.

Tess & Co’s much touted zones work well with these types of technical set ups, especially pullback & continuation moves in line with what they term as dominant flow, or what I would call directional impulse moves.

Look forward to your views & posts.

The safe play is to ensure that you are trading with the bias of week while also keeping your eye on how price interacts with these potential reactionary zones. If you think an upcoming announcement may make things a bit hairy then tighten up your stops and profit taking as you see price entering these areas. Allow people to move money around while you are playing it safe. If price starts moving in a direction because the news is overwhelmingly unexpected, there will be a correction which will allow you to hop in the game with calculated risk.

Personally, trying to guess what will happen with a future news release is really hard work and hopping on the train as its moving has been a fools game for me in the past.

Theres alot of sense in your post, trading in the direction of the week will often keep you away from making silly punts. My previous post was mostly academic in nature, my main point was that the upcoming GDP figure is potentially sentiment changing so it’s best to be aware of its potential impact.

If a figure is overwhelmingly unexpected, trying to fade it probably isn’t the best thing to do because you can get cut up very quickly. Fading a sharp move is probably best when the figure is in line with the analyst range.

The chart from my last post was removed its seems i can’t post charts here from my vendor here. Whats the program everybody uses to post charts?

Sorry just saw this post, i only really look at these levels to be honest. If price trades up to a level, i zoom in on a 1 min or 5 min chart to look for an entry. If theres an obvious overnight trading range ill probably trade a breakout of the range. Ill post some examples of what i mean.

You can’t go wrong by soaking up Tess & Co’s advice, probably the best ive seen on a public forum.