Technical Templates Continued

This thread was created to continue the discussions of trading methods taught by Tess and her crew in 301 Moved Permanently and 301 Moved Permanently


Although I have not been a prolific poster in her thread, I have read through it a few times… and learned a lot from it… and I will miss her expertise and guidance.


I’d like to say that I’ve always held this thread (Tess & Jocelyn) in highest esteem even though I never participated…probably cause they always seemed so far above where I was/am at. I still reference this thread quite often and one day would like to get somewhere in their realm even though that seems like a tall glass to fill :slight_smile:

I would like to echo the kind comments written by other members. There’s just a wealth of information contained in the original thread. Thanks to Tess, Jocelyn and Andre my trading has improved enough for me to land a prop trading position at a private fund. Even some of our experienced traders found their material very interesting, so to all those who haven’t read the original thread, i strongly recommend you do so :slight_smile:

Its unfortunate that they are unable to contribute as they did before, so i thought i might throw up a chart or two when ive got the time and hopefully share some ideas. I trade the gbp future as opposed to the spot rate. There are some differences but the charts look more or less the same, so it shouldnt be too much of a problem.

Hope the markets are treating you guys well.

wow George that is fantastic - well done!

I was a quiet follower of the original ATT threads, and learnt so much from all the contributors (to whom I am truly grateful). While it has been sad to see them move onto other projects, it did make me focus on my own trading a lot more, rather than following and hanging on every post.

I have 2 setups I trade…nothing else. It generally gets me in on 1 or 2 trades at the Europe open as volume picks up and provides decent R:R opportunities…again this is the only time I trade as I know this gives me a higher odds chance of my set-up performing.

I took 2 GU trades yesterday, both short on re-tests of S/R breaks - I had my S/R markers set, I looked to get triggered in with the downward momentum from the US/Tokyo sessions as the increased vol started into Europe session. My triggers are IB’s or SStars/hammers etc on either the 5 or 15min.

And importantly I had clear targets (prev weekly low or next S/R level) and clear levels (LH’s) to hide my stops.

I dont have access to any special fundie info other than what I follow on my local rag/internet. I dont try to look for a reason fundamentally for each 50pip move in a pair as I think I would end up having a melt down. I simply trade 2 set-ups as and when they present themselves.

Everything on the attached chart was the simple application of the things I learnt in the ATT threads.

Fantastic, that is good to know…I can tell you it was a long trail to get where I currently am, with much reading and re-reading until the salient lessons from The Threads moved to the forefront in my thinking and the pattern emerged. But more importantly, it was an even longer time before I was ready to [B]accept[/B] those lessons [B]and apply them[/B]….that was/is the real challenge!

As A8T says…“[I]You know how they’re doing it……It’s all there in the 2 threads[/I].”

And it is…and what’s more, those lessons are repeated over and over…and over.

I took away small lessons each week/month….it really was one small piece at a time – and I still do….passages which today I don’t fully grasp, or brush/pass over, I know I will come back to in another month or more and a small light will go on……and I will say…“ahhhhhh”. It’s all a part of my ongoing learning curve.

When you Cowboys/Indians come across the authors in your travels, please pass on my sincerest thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi Ryan,

If I’m not mistaken this pair has also been trading atop it’s Weekly open all week which is back at 131.59 & is also trading atop todays open at 132.02, so your long has a lot going for it this morning.

Judging by the amount of consistent success the originators of the Technical Templates threads have experienced trading on & around those levels, I don’t blame you for sticking to a tried & tested recipe.

I note that the audusd & usdjpy also bounced off their respective previous weekly high levels during the last 24 hours trade too.

I suppose if you’re watching a few of the more popular traded pairs they’ll be one or two moving around those levels at any one time over a typical weeks action.

Nice follow through today on your eurjpy trade.

Hi Catcher,

Here is my take on the AUD/USD from yesterday (note I didnt take this…wasnt even watching, but its another nice example as you point out, and I like doing this sort of “after-the-fact” analysis to print out and file away as set-up examples - here I have taken off the prev Day H/L’s).

Uptrend on the higher TF’s so only looking for longs, retrace to both the previous week high and the previous month low (these two areas separated by 7pips) - so potentially a nice strong zone with discount buyers waiting.

Coming into Europe Opening period (shaded area) is the time i would have been looking to trigger in long…and numerous signals on either the 5 or 15min - either with pins/hammers down at the Month low area or waiting a little later for a break up above a previous LH.

Place for Stops, targets - all the boxes are checked.

From what I’ve so far seen of their activity on here, the over riding message I get from their work is “disciplined repetition”

Almost every post contains very similar background & research analysis, similar set up & potential trade identification procedures, mirror images of entries, partial profit & final exit conclusions.

These previous day & week high-low levels & important previous supply/demand areas recur in their posts time & again, & they stick rigidly to tried & tested sets of circumstances, both when identifying & executing trades. Rarely do you see them deviate from this disciplined track.

For me, the lesson is right there in their regular behavior.

Find a set of circumstances that not only stand up to scrutiny, but also suit your trading style & stick to it until it proves either worthwhile or worthless.

It looks like you’re treading that path, & that’s exactly the type of behavior & discipline traits I aspire to. The major bonus for me is that they also keep their template work extremely basic & uncluttered.

I can see that a possible combination of their key points & xtractions simple concept on his thread could well add a nice balance.

Well, I’m trying to tread that path of “disciplined repetition”…it is of course still a work in progress…

But you are right, it is the same trade setup rules each time…and ill quote (generally) from the ATT threads…

  1. local S/R markers set to bounce off,
  2. trigger in with momentum, (at a time likely to see increased volume)
  3. visible risk levels for stops,
  4. a target to aim for.

Thats what I took away from the threads and its what I aim to tick off each trade.

Hello everyone! I was looking at G/U today and it seemed like a great example of what i have read and interpreted so far. I now list explanations of my picture.
Red Lines are prev weeks high and low and the grey line is the weeks open.
The 1st box is indecision on the 1.6 price. PA finally pushed up to the 61% fib level of last week. I’m unsure of the next events. The price goes past last weeks low and the buyers come in looking to go long. (??not enough come in??)) Not sure about this area without much action. PA then drops lower and buyers see this as a huge long opportunity. Price is pushed all the way up to the prev days high where it rests until deciding to break further upward. This also is another area where i dont know why the PA is acting the way it is. Give me your worst!!!

Very similar retest trade on the GJ as well of early Asian High…

[I]Edit: the note on chart should actually be “leg in long on the Hammer” (rather than Pin)[/I]

Yes, the price action appears to honor the levels more consistently on the pairs that attract seemingly heavier volumes, especially during the London hours anyway.

I recall reading on a few occasions that Tess & her colleagues recommended observing & trading these key levels & reaction to them via the majors & the eur/jpy & gbp/jpy pairs.

Makes sense I suppose. After all, they do make up the majority of the normal daily volume numbers.

Thanks for that. I’d assumed as much, but just wanted clarification.

I know they also plotted s&r zones further out both to the upside & downside of the current price, but I’ve also found the previous weekly high & low to be the most relevant of the near term price action.

I suppose once those area’s have been left behind, the next upper or lower levels can be plotted & observed.
Of all the available variations of support & resistance, I like using the basic ones you’ve mentioned in your examples the best.

I see the GBPUSD is setting up nicely again this morning according to the momentum pattern :wink:

It is yes. Above the weeks open, broke up above the days open in Tokyo, pulling back in a flag pattern allowing a keen entry.
Nice tight, yet technically viable stop loss below the consolidation at 6390.

Similar set up to yesterday really. Cheap & cheerful risk to test the strength of the upside potential.

One suggestion might be to track the pullback bars & set your entry at the low of the highest pullback bar?

The Tech Templates guys mentioned a few times that event driven moves which extend aggressively, have a tendency to offer very good risk as they pullback & stall.

Euro now finds itself below the Weekly open & below the days open.
It’s pulling back from an aggressive event driven move & stalling out.
The criteria is met in accordance with the current directional bias.
The entry allows excellent risk to test the continued downside momentum strength.

If it continues, the next visible lower potential stalling points are at 1.4250-1.4280, which coincides with it’s current average days range.

And there’s the exit.
Blue horizontal line = avg days range & it bounced inside the next downside level channel support.

I recognize that pullback trigger well :slight_smile:

Would the locked forum happen to be Dee Dee Marshall’s site where you came across Mark & Shona’s work?
How did you get access to that stuff? Wasn’t a good percentage of the early (01 & 02) stuff lost after the repeated system crashes/deletions?

Carry on the way you’re going, you’re liable to attract a job offer!!

We could sack that jaw aching, lazy ass Jimmy. :smiley: