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Hello there

I’ve been learning forex trading for 4 months, not profitable yet, but enjoying the ride. Learning as much as I can, placing trades, making a strategy, and working on my psychology. Recently I entered a “VIP Community” on telegram where they post signals. Looked at their record and it’s quite impressive, they make reaaaally good profits. So I was thinking, I’m planning to trade on my own when I get there, but do you guys think I should copy/paste signals meanwhile, to generate a bit of money, while learning how to do it all on my own?

Thanks in advance

PS: Sorry if my English is bad, I’m not a native speaker, hope you can understand it

Hi, yes you should copy signals but not from telegram. It’s 2021, there are better alternatives.

Thanks for the quick respond, I’m new in this “signals World”. Just 2 things

  1. I’m already in this telegram channel
  2. Where else can i found signals?

Thanks in advance

Just google “forex trading signals”, “copy trading signals” etc. Be sure you analyze the results of any signal provider you like and share here the signal if you have any doubts.

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thanks so much Paul, really helpfull

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also planning to join, these signals are pretty important if you want to make a big investment

no because you will not learn this way and will instead continue to rely on signals.

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Signals are good but you should test them before risking your money.