Tell me about Interbank FX Trader 4

Hi all,

I’m tired of demo trading. I want a new micro account. I tried signing up for Alpari, but it’s been sort of a hassle so far.

Seeing that Interbank FX Trader 4 is very similar to Alpari, I was thinking about giving them a shot.

Anyone use them?
Comments anyone?
Easy to sign up for?



I opened an account in '09 - it’s not your ‘here’s a card’ sign your name, and walla you have an account, but provide a couple basics, and 2-4 weeks, you have an account.

I’ve not been IMPRESSED, with them, but i also have no complaints, I will continue my business here, until, I have a complaint or something goes wrong.

FYI - I’m a 95% at this time - put $xxx dollars in or $xxxx if you prefer, and my account balance today is $2.55. I’ve taken a break, and now just getting back to it - but this time slowly - and conservatively, still hoping for the get rich s - l - o - w - l -y type of thing.

(ie - a newb - stating no problems with interbank, but in no position to “recommend” either)