Tesla and the EV Markets

Hello, I’ve been curious about better options other than Tesla.

I’ve been seeing some news about how Tesla appears to be doing quite well again. I wonder if you could enlighten me about other coming-to-be companies.

I wouldnt touch the e.v market for a while. Its crazy overpriced but you might make some money trading it. Another one to look at is Lucid Motors. There is also NEO.

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Thank you for responding. I see that it’s quite difficult as of now. Lucid Motors and NEO? Okay. DULY NOTED! Thanks!

Not a risk taker here. Been trading with Tesla so far and especially now’s the good time. I’d rather not swap or try out any other option. However, do share how it turned out with the other two.

I can never say that one investment is better than the other because the loss of one trader is the profit of the other. You may not really like it but that’s how the market works. You can make profits only when some other trader is making losses. It’s buying and selling going on all the time.

Electric Vehicles (EV) have been in the news for some time now all thanks to Elon Musk. Also, the stock values of companies dealing in electric vehicles have gone up recently, and the stocks hold potential for long term investors.Goldman Sachs new global autos team predicts that it(Tesla stocks) will go up to 15 per cent by 2030. The stock is on a boil and has already risen quite a lot.There are several reasons why the Tesla stock continues to rise and some of those are beyond the company’s operating performance.