Tesla stock value for the end of 2021

What will be Tesla stock value at the end of 2021 ?

  • Below 600
  • Between 600 and 900
  • Above 900

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I thought it was an interesting subject.
Holding growth stocks works much better than trading…
I am saying it after 5 years of trading TA.

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I do not agree that for all the major giants, but for someone like Tesla, even I agree to it, holding the stocks even for next 2-3 years is going to give humongous results than trading it.

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Bump (again) !
It is hard to believe that nobody has an opinion about Tesla stock price…

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Sorry. No idea about stocks.

However, I’m sure Elon Musk has no plans for slowing down. I’m sure the price of Tesla will continue to grow for sure.

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I’m thinking between 600 - 900. That’s after Kathie Wood sold $139M worth of Tesla stock.

But do you think, it’s worth holding Tesla shares just because they have digital assets/cryptocurrency? Is $COIN or $BTCS a better option if someone is into blockchain technology?