Test message - I think my computer's lost the plot!


Can someone just bounce a quick msg or reply here please - I’m having big issues with my pc today and am losing the will (to live)!!!

Big thanks
Jessey :frowning:

Consider it done.


Thanks ST…

All my school’s disappeared (as in the classes I’ve completed)!

I can’t see anything (or access all the different classes) in b/pips school - before I could see each class in detail.

Today I just started ‘middle school’ and the class I just finished won’t save.

I’ve emailed b/pips - am dealing with a lovely person there - she thought it was my cookies but it’s not - hubby just checked all that for me. I’ve rebooted etc etc.

Anyone else had/having this problem?

I’m perplexed and frustrated - I just want to get on with my ‘studies’…

Arrrhhhhhhh :frowning:

Coupple of hours ago, babypips seemed like having troubles to load, or is it just my imagination???

No mr gone babypips was down for maintenance today and when it came back it seemed to be running very very slow then died.

Yeah, something like that i was thinking.

Oh knickers!
Thanks anyway guys…
I still can’t access all the details in b/pips school like I did before?
Hopefully it’ll get sorted somehow…
Jessey :frowning:

Now now Jessey, this is a family form, keep your underwear out of this. So I’d be grateful if you would just drop the knicke…I can’t say that, no…no, since this is a forex forum, we’ll just call them “shorts”, so just drop your shor…God that’s just as bad. :smiley:

Hope things are working better for you now !!


I think ‘Oh knickers’ sounds better than ‘Oh shorts’!

Just keep your shades HoG on when reading, then it won’t be so bad… :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, my pc and/or school of b/pips still being a bugger but the nice folk in IT are looking into it (fingers and toes crossed!) Hubby tried his computer and the ipad but everything’s still being a right fag. :slight_smile:


I couldn’t connect to babypips this afternoon. All other internet was working fine. As bobmaninc was saying, I think it was closed for maintenance. I use firefox for my browser and every now and again it takes a dislike to babypips. I have to uninstall firefox, install it again and all is well.

But didn’t have to do that today, just came back on after an hour or two.

I believe the good people here at Babypips are looking into ‘my problem’…

The IT Hit Squad hopefully will sort it out as my ‘School’ area is still playing up mercifully (Oy Vey!)

Other than that, at least I can post here on the forum and feel connected to you all… :slight_smile:

Ahhh i was having plenty of problems with BabyPips yesterday, I thought it was just me and something i was doing :rolleyes: seems to be OK today though, does the site go down very regularly? I use it quite a lot for the news etc and i’m getting quite addicted to the Forums :smiley:

I’ve no idea how this works but ‘this’ message is for Pipzilla :slight_smile:

Pipzilla, Many apologies for inappropriate language and so sorry you were offended - I did send a note to b/pips for you but don’t know how that works either! I shall indeed be more careful…

To everyone else, please note I didn’t use ‘big bad swear words or really terrible words’ but clearly it was something that Pipzilla didn’t like and I appreciate that too…

Last thing I want to do is offend anyone - whether on this site or anywhere else :slight_smile: