Text message alerts for indicators?

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone knows of any software or websites that would possibly have the ability to alert you via text message when a set of indicators is hit like MACD crossing and such? so I dont have to sit in front of my charts all day. Right now i use metatrader to trade and create charts but I cant see anything on there and Im not to good with programing so im useless when it comes to makign anything like that.

if you got any suggestions lemme know please :slight_smile:

I did this awhile back and wrote a small mapi program to text my cell phone. You have to write an application that can email your cell phone’s email address such as sprintpcs - that’s the easiest way otherwise its a big deal. You will need your pc to have a cell phone modem to be able to send sms messages to your cell phone and you would subscribe to sms gateways.

If you have sprintpcs or any cell phone provider that has email enabled that would be the easiest and your program can then treat it just like a regular pop3 email address. Once you have the program written, you can have your indicator call it as an external application. that’s it.

Another suggestion is if you are close to your pc anyway while trading or sleeping for that matter, you can have your indicator play a wave file as an alert signal.

Hope this helps.

Metatrader can email alerts directly to your cell phone. There are many EA (Expert Advisors & indicators) already written to do this if you search the web. Here is a link on how to setup email on MT4. All you do to send it to your cell phone is use your cell phone email address which most of them have, ex xxxyyyzzzz@tmomail.net (for tmobile). I actually created a gmail account since I couldn’t use SMTP with hotmail with a FREE hotmail account and I am not paying to do so. You said your aren’t that good with programming otherwise you could just add one line to any indicator and it will send an email according ro your email setup. If the below link doesn’t work than you just need to sign up for an account which takes two seconds.

Email - Forex Trading

I got MT4 set up to send me an alert but I still cant figure out how to get it so that it will send me an alert based on a 5EMA and 10EMA crossing with RSI either breaking above 50 or below. I dont really care if the RSI part is in there I can always check that once i recieve the alert for the 5/10 EMA. I tried copying the script that was in the link above and using that in MT4 but cant figure it out. do you guys have any other sugestions or have experiance doing this?

I really apreciate your guys help :slight_smile:

You can download, then Unzip this file into your “C:Program FIles\StrategyBuilderFX 4\experts\indicators” folder. The indicator will prompt you for what EMA moving averages you want once you add it to the chart. You can find it listed under Custom Indicators or the Navigator window (left side of screen). Once added it will display a RED & GREEN arrows on the chart everytime the moving averages cross, which I like all by itself because sometimes it’s hard to tell. I modified it to email “Moving average crossed UP” or “Moving average crossed DOWN” whenever the fast moving average crosses up or down. You can choose to modify this text to whatever you like. All you have to do is setup your email with an SMTP server, username & password and then you can text message your phone if you want. Let me know if you have any problems with this.


(UPDATE): I deleted the orignal file I uploaded because it was not working properly. This attachment contains the original indicators or EMA crossovers, and also an indicator for EMA crossover, stoch & RSI). I did not write these. I just found the on the web. These indicators just alert you, theres no email function.

indicators.zip (3.9 KB)

thanks Top your my new hero:cool: and ram you come in a close second…but anyways I loaded the indicator and up until now have recieved about 40 messages and it looks like its still going from what i see in the journal in MT4. what would I add in so that when I open the indicator it will only send me a message from the time i add it in onward? if thats even possible so that I dont get thousands of messages like this

I think I fixed it. I want to test it out before I upload it. I haven’t programmed C++ in years so I made a few boo boo’s. I will upload a new copy as soon as I know it only emails when it crosses and not dozens of them. By the way I did not write this, I just found it on the strategy builder website. I am just modifying it to email as well as display the EMA cross on the charts.

Fuzzlum, I hate to disapoint you but I didn’t get a chance to fix those problems with that indicator. I did get hundreds of emails on my cell phone though :mad: . I removed that attachment and attached two indicators. The original EMA cross with the arrows which gives you alerts & no email, the other has the EMA, Stoch & RSI all in one. I didn’t modify any of these and they are the original scripts.

Also, Check out the thread below by YBOP01 which is an indicator for BigPippins Cowabunga system which uses (RSI, Stoch & MACD). I can upload something once I get the email working but I don’t want something posted that doesn’t work.


Its all good thanks for trying. In the mean time im going to look around see if I can get something working if I do ill upload it.