Thank you all including

On the suggestion I explored pages and reconning my study.

I found one of my big mistake!

Which is discipline and mechenism

of my trading system. Loosing temper and do not wait even knowing enough that my trade was not needed to be placed and I keep my journal and modified with new ideas.

Some other weakness are also found including overconfidence and measurements in my positions trading volumes margin using saving margin and loss profits.

I have customized my mt5 with same tools on multy and different time frames and found useful the practice is ongoing.

I hope I shall overcome the self defected weakness and deficiency of trade style.

I am basically short term scalper trader on boom only buy positive trading. I avoid on sell markets.

I have now inserted moving averages to identify trends and rsi plus supplementary tools to confirm.

As I told I work only on boom market I need only to identify trends and limited my trade volume to save profit and prevent loss.

I have seen that there too many words used repeated in which may confuse readers and as well there is not some clearity of tools settings.

Specially in moving average sections.

There is written (10 20 50 200 days SMA)

What does it mean?

Days means suppose sma 20 days ( 20x24) it’s because period means 60 minutes or an hour!

I shall carry on.

I personally appreciate and am thank ful to

The open source of knowledge for everyone on forex.

Stop trading this if you want to be a full time trader.


Suggest me if stopped what and how to be?

Learn to trade proper pairs.

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