Thank you Babypips!

Thank you so much babypips people get extorted thousands(whatever currency) to pay for information of less quality and what’s more you guys make it fun to read I don’t feel like i’m reading my chemistry lecture slides(lol) anyway thank you and may God bless!!! luh yah!!


Quiet a statement from someone who joined just 4 hours ago. So what are you hoping to achieve here at babypips??



well aren’t you the presumptuous one… I joined the forum four hours ago but i’ve been enrolling in the school of pipsology for quite some time now.

what am I hoping to achieve? that should be obvious friend.


Good luck.


Thank you friend.

It’s not obvious that’s why he asked. Its certainly not obvious to me. If you wanted to thank babypips you could just email them privately. Generally when someone posts they share what their aims are so we dont have to guess. Ofcourse maybe you dont want help from anyone which is fine too but then dont see why you posted this publicly.

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What I have found is that some people who come on this site are here to scam.

I should know I had someone send me private messages trying to catfish me.

That’s why I am a little cautious and suspicious of some of the posts that appear by so called newbies.



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fine then i’m here to enrich myself with the knowledge they offer for free and become a better trader, the purpose of me thanking them privately is so that other people could see my opinion is that so wrong?. “maybe you don’t want help from anyone”’- hah?

so you thought I wanted to scam people?, by thanking babypips publicly somehow I have my own agenda? what’s so wrong with me thanking a good deed?, my what a sad world we live in.

publicly* not privately

You were never mention in my post to @tradeforex077 and I was not refering to you. So don’t be so paranoid.

Try to post something that stimulates a trading conversation and the response you get may be far more constructive and beneficial.


woah well this escalated quickly, who would’ve thought one’s act of gratitude would attract such negativity. last I checked this is a lobby where one can post anything they want yet people are telling me what to post and what not to post. fascinating

yes I was never mentioned then again it’s a reply of a reply to my post hence why i asked if that’s what you thought. my pursuit of certainty is somehow paranoia?. Fascinating

To start with you have obviously mistaken my first post to you as an act of hostility. However that is far from the truth. Your bio said you had joined four hours earlier and my comment reflected you observations made by someone who had been on this site for such a short period of time. I then asked you a genuine question a similar question what @tradeforex077 asked you and that was to genuinely see how we can help you. However it would appear that you have a serious attitude problem.

If you seriously want help or you seriously want to contribute with trade or trading ideas then feel free to contribute.


no it’s actually the otherway around you guys seem to have mistaken my second post as an act of hostility me saying ‘‘it should be obvious’’ is based off the premise that we’re all here to become better traders thus i thought you’re question was rhetorical, after you bid me goodluck I said ‘‘thank you friend’’ in no way was I being sarcastic as you may have interpreted, I found it strange that I was asked to thank babypips publicly hence i asked what’s wrong with thanking them here and all of a sudden there was talk of scams and me asking if you were referring to me that was taken as paranoia.

I never had ill intentions from the get go this a classic case of a misunderstanding.
I apologize for the inconvenience


Yes and at that stage it was the end of the conversation. However the comment;

Was in no way a reference to you. It was purely a comment made to a third party in this post @tradeforex077 It was never meant for you.

Thank you for the apology and I will apologise if you were offended by my comments. They were never meant that way.

And I was serious when I said good luck.


Awesome. When did you start and how far have you gotten so far? :relaxed:

well friend… I have managed to MERGE: MA crossover,Parabola SR, MACD,Fibbonacci levels as well as the Stochastic Oscillator into one hell of a profitable week! all this is just Elementary school stuff in the school of pipsology so i’m really looking forward to learning more!

Babypips is a great forum and a source of trading knowledge, I am glad you have found it helpful!