Thanks to whoever wrote "The school of pipsology" - week1/real trading feedback

In few words: demo/month1 -2%, demo/month2 -1%, demo/month3 +1%, real/week1 +5% ( %account ).
This kind of structure/practical knowledge have always been expensive and hard to find in my world ( 20 yrs real estate development experience so if there’s one thing i know is actual value of stuff. My best regards, keep up the good work.

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Agree, the work and dedication to put high quality content out for free is amazing

Best place for free to start I believe

Yes, it is important to work hard in order to achieve something. This platform is also amazing for providing such detailed information about forex trading through easy to learn courses and interactive forums. There is a lot that one can learn from this community.

Yes, this is the right place to begin with learning everything there is about forex.

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I have been a forex trader for the last few years and have gone through several courses but I didn’t find any course as good as the school of pipsology for newbies. It offers all the basic knowledge that any forex trader must have before entering the market. And after you enter the market, you can always talk to professional traders and ask for help.