Thankyou Babypips!

To all the men and women who take the time each day to answer all the difficult questions that must at times seem repetative. I just wanted to thank you all for the wealth of education on your site the spirit and truth i have been seeking. I am completeing Babypips school and it is nothing less than amazing. Thankyou all who share your knowledge and give direction unselfishly. joanne.:):):slight_smile:

Its posts like yours Joanne that make it all worthwhile. Of course the fact is no matter what stage we are all at we can and do all learn from each other

I help people so long as they at least take the time to read the articles under the school section before posting one the forums like havenoidea!

I am glad you have enjoyed this site and hopefully you will be regular contributor to the forums.

You can say that again. It’s like the learning never ends no matter how long you’ve been doing it or how much experience you have :). We all wouldn’t be here if we didn’t love it so much!!