The 3 Duck's Trading System

Is it working for you?

It is important to research properly anything that you are interested in. Andy (Captain Currency) places his trades on Darwinex so you can see the results for yourself. He has been trading successfully for over 20 years but as you can see his recent results have not been great. You should realise that fx is challenging

no its not working seriously
but i use different ways and still trend following

Hey everyone. I’ve been thinking about testing this system, but reading through this thread it seems to not be no longer working? Can someone give me an updated opinion?

It has been working for a very long time. It is just that there is not much more to say about it. It has been discussed over and over, and demonstrated many times. Just follow the Captain on his Twitter feed and you will see that he is still actively trading this method.

Thank you for your response.

I do follow Captain Currency on Twitter. While the last few months are profitable, the results on Darwinex from inception are negative. That’s why I was apprehensive about it. Do you trade this system?

I am unable to comment about the Darwinex results.
All I can say is that I do trade the 3 Ducks and it does work well for me!
But, I must note, that your own knowledge and experience has a great influence on how well it works for you.
It is not a mechanical strategy with hard rules. It is a method, a guide to help organise your trading plan, which you must then adapt to suit you.

I just wanted to chime in on this system. I want to allay any fears that the system does not work. You may have seen some of my other posts, bellyaching that for over a year now I have never been consistent or profitable. I have spent a few thousand dollars up to this point with no success. I gave this strategy a go today on demo, played with it all day. I took 14 trades. I tweaked the system a bit to maximize my wins. In the end, 11 out of 14 trades were PROFITABLE. This really does work. I will keep playing with it. But for the first time in a long time, I feel much more comfortable with trading.

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The only issue I have is the fact that the author of the system had a whole year of drawdown in 2018. I am no one to criticize someone who clearly has more experience than myself, but if the author himself had trouble trading his system, I’m not sure how I can perform better than him. That being said, the last four months have been positive for him.


I just can’t imagine a method working for so many years, then just stop cold!
The author did stop trading this system, and develop a totally different one, and FAILED miserably! He then disappeared completely from the radar!

Just to update you, I traded this the first week and it went very well. But the next week went terrible. So I am examining other trading systems.

Greetings Duck Hunters,

An update (I think one is well overdue), going forward into 2020 I unfortunately won’t be trading with The 3 Ducks.

The last 2 years have shown back-to-back negative returns in my trading account and the Ducks are struggling big time in the current market climate along with other breakout / trend trading type of strats.

The market has well and truly kicked the stuffing out of me (financially and mentally) for the last few years so I’m now going to take it handy and take some timeout.

I wish you all the best for 2020 and hopefully your luck has been better than mine!

Captain Currency

thanks for that Captain. One can always rely on you to be honest and up front

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Cheers Tony, always glad to see you on the forum.

Captain Currency

Hi Andy and happy new year.

Hope storm Brendan wasn’t too mean to you. As always, we on the west coast broke the back of it for you in the east :joy::wink:

Just back on the forums and always go to yours because always loved your posts, your logic and your kindness.

Sorry to hear the last few years have been tough. I still keep the 60SMA on my charts…its my Andy Indy :blush:

And I was always thankful to you for such a great way of thinking about charts.

One of these days we will chat again in person and until we do I’ll wish you a happy new year.


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Hey Captain,

No shame in knowing when to take a break, especially when the market is working you and not the other way around :smiley:

Out of curiosity, would the approach to this system be any different than than a Multi-timeframe Heiken Ashi candle approach? Weekly candle = blue, daily candle = blue, intraday => enter on blue, SL at prior day low. Reverse for shorting and SL at prior day high.

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[quote=“FauxLife, post:3237, topic:6430”]
Out of curiosity, would the approach to this system be any different than a Multi-timeframe Heiken Ashi candle approach? [/quote]

Jeeze, can’t give you an answer FauxLife, maybe it is maybe it isn’t, some help am I today!

Captain Currency

What is happening?

The Fx market is more temperamental than I’ve ever seen it Padraic. Markets will catch us followers out more often than before, daring us to engage, the set-ups, the stop-loss that has now become even more vulnerable than before, the profit-target that’s now at “odds” with a positive risk versus reward ratio.

Learning to trade broadly rather than deeply may be required from now on my friend …

Captain Currency