The Advantage to running my computers next to wall street and the NYSE like big boys

I am not sure about this, I was reading something about getting faster feeds and getting an advantage that larger firms are getting by having servers and computers on or close to wall street and the NYSE.

I am testing this option from doing at my home computer, do you expect I will see better results? I guess for only $20 I can’t go wrong I thought…

Whats you feed back on geo location of your computer / data feeds, is it worth it?


If you are trading retail fx, your broker’s feed will come at the pace it does for everyone else, even if you lived in the NYSE.

The larger firms have the advantages they do, because the ARE the market makers in a lot of cases.

even if you lived in the NYSE

That’s funny!!! ROFLOL!!! (I wish)!!! LOL!!!




I’m also guessing that seeing as the thread starter’s post has already been edited for advertising reasons he / she was trying to sell a data feed from ‘on or near’ Wall Street for $20. I can tell you for sure that you couldn’t even get END-OF-YEAR data for the NYSE from MEMBER brokers of the NYSE let alone real-time data for $20!!! LOL!!!

Presumably advertising a nonsense service yeah. The reason big players co-locate their servers to the NYSE is so they can frontrun the less well-heeled with their trading algos who are the only ones who can really take advantage of such small differences. The NYSE charges a huge amount for this advantage (insider trading… almost) as they have to make up the loss in the commissions they’re experiencing due to low trading volumes somehow. And if big players are doing it you can be sure this expense is worth their while and probably at your expense if you’re trying to trade against them.