The Analyst Arena is back and open for business!

The Analyst Section is back and open for business! If you’re a broker, company or individual blogger with a knack for understanding economic news and events, then here’s your chance to share your forex expertise with the community via a forum section dedicated strictly to analysis. The Analyst Section aims to cover different perspectives on economic analysis and its effects on the market through the eyes of different analysts, both amateur and professional, for all to read. Is this something you want to be part of? Read on!

Analyst Section Application Process

  1. Send us an email at [email protected] with the subject title ‘Analyst Section Application’ and include links to sample write-ups you’ve written in the past. These samples should be available online. You’ll also need to attach a sample submission that you’ll be posting on the forums.

  2. Once we provide you access to the Analyst Section, you may begin posting content. Analyst Section members also need to adhere to all of the Forum Rules and are not allowed to include content or demonstrate behavior that could be deemed as promotional in nature.

  3. The verified analyst title is on a trial to permanent basis. Your posts will be monitored and evaluated before official approval is given.

Once you have been approved as a verified analyst, you will:
a. Receive a unique user title - Verified Analyst.
b. Be permitted to include a signature at the end of each post including your name, company name and ONE external link (must lead to your company homepage or page where the content can be found).
c. Be permitted to post videos and images as long as they are informational and no promotional content is included.
d. Be permitted to add attachments such as PDF or PPT files as long as no promotional content is included.

Additional Analyst Arena Forum Rules
· External linking is allowed to non-promotional material.
· Posts are open for community replies/comments
· No promotional replies to comments are allowed
· Rules are subject to change

So if you think you’ve got what it takes and have a desire to share your analysis with the community, email us at [email protected] to begin your trial.