The Babypips Official Mugshots - Post a Pic Of Yourself - You know you Wanna! :)

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Hahaha class guys!

Just seen this thread for the first time - this post wins already. Brilliant

Yes it’s an old thread…

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This is me. I know I look and smell like margin call but this kid will one day be the cover of Forbes. Bwahahaha… Cheers. :wink:


This is me :smiley: I made a photoshoot when I was bald :joy:

I hope I learn everything in the school of pipsology so this photo becomes even more fitting :smiley:

Sarkari Result Pnr Status 192.168.l.l

I’m not very photogenic, so I’d prefer to post my best, furry friend and office mascot, Bodhi. He is usually game to enter costume contests for dogs and stand out. If you’re a Forex Trader and pug lover, let me know by sharing your photo too.

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Didn’t realize we have Demi Lovato up in here. :roll_eyes:

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Cool costume you got there, Bodhi. :heart_eyes: Thank you for sharing his photo.

Moving onwards

This is me on Holiday in Slovenia.

Plus an arty shot from the same holiday. :slight_smile:


Hey guys! I am BRAND NEW here, talking this is my first post ever. I go by Guap Brady, that’s my lovely assistant to the left, her name is Jenna. Love to be here learning from you guys! I do dating coaching on the side if anyone is interested :slight_smile:


Thats me in the workshop


My name is princewill from Nigeria, am a newbie.please I need a mentor

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Me on the left, with purple/ maroon


This is me and 23


Hi there, I am new on this forum. Hope I will fins the answers on my questions.

Hi everyone , am Nicholas, excited to be part of these large community

I have been unable to find a button that will let me communicate until I chose to reply. What am I not seeing? I want to introduce myself.