The Bar Chart

The bar chart is one of the most popular types of charts used in technical analysis. The advantage of using a bar chart over a straight line graph is that it shows the high, low, open and close for each particular day. This is the type of chart that will be used to display various indicators in most trading.

Seems like a bar chart is a very effective way to use in trading, makes the data clear to look at with the high, low, open and close data for each day and to display various indicators.

Try using candlestick charts. That’s pretty much the standard of what every trader uses. It’s visually more pleasing and there’s a whole school out there on candlestick chart analysis that’s very effective. We have a lesson on it in our School of Pipsology here at… check it out!

Oh, pipcrawler, perhaps my notion of the bar charts as a good way for technical analysis was still long time ago? :slight_smile: Anyway, yes, I have seen the candlesticks, they really are good to look at :slight_smile: We’ll checkon babypips tutorials again