The Battle of Forex

I sometimes think of forex as a battle. I know this is a common way to think about it, but I go a bit deeper. You have your offense and defense for both teams. The offense are reasons to go in the teams direction, and the defense is a reason to think price will hold if price is moving in the opposite direction. The defense only matters after a trade has been made.

Bulls (long trades)


Above 200EMA
Upward trendline
Oversold conditions
MACD increasing


Price at 200EMA

The Bears team is pretty much opposite


Hanging Man
Below 200EMA
Downward trendline
Overbought conditions
MACD decreasing


Price at 200EMA

If a trade goes against me depending on how close price is to 200EMA, it may have to actually break it to stop me out. I usually only make a trade when the team I’m rooting for has at least 3 offensive moves and in case of a reversal, a strong support/resistance point (defensive move) that it would have to break through. By strong I mean either a line where price has bounced back at least twice although preferably 3 or more (whether as support or resistance), or a point where it is a single bounce but a very prominant one.

Feel free to add your own. These offensive/defensive moves are nothing more than factors for determining how to make a trade, but it’s more fun to think of it as a battle I think.

Hopefully, my team will become victorious :slight_smile:

Hi Viper5, i like the way you think about trading, however to me, different market = different set of indicators to use and going further, different trader means different set of indicators too.
generally speaking, thinking about trading as a battle, that your positions are your soldiers, and that you have offensive/defensive moves, etc is a good and fun way to see this mind game.

just my personal opinion, i am not a pro :wink:

I realize that these can be different for different traders. Thats why I said they are the same thing as factors for making a trade which vary from trader to trader.