The Beginning of My Journey

Hello, I’m new to forex and the expanse of it all. I’m looking forward to being a sponge and absorbing all the info I can to help support me to be successful in my own way at forex. A friend of a friend…of a friend has been doing forex for a couple years now, and I’ve been thinking about the business and diving into it. I’ve always wanted to get into crypto currencies, stocks, and etc. So when I found out about this website through him (the friend) I said why not give it a shot. Also, with seeing how positive the environment is on BP it gives me confidence that other people are here to help and contribute to the journey. I strive to have multiple streams of income with this being one of them, for myself as well as others, with even bigger plans ahead. The time is now so let’s get to learning!


Welcome to babypips, Evora. You’ve come to the right place. I’m fairly new, but I already feel at home here. I’m learning a lot while having a lot of fun.

You’re well on your way to having multiple streams of income. I wish you all the best in your journey.

Nice to meet you! I’m also a big fan of this site and have found that people are generally quite nice and helpful here. I’m wishing you luck on your journey!

[quote=“Evora, post:1, topic:653757”]
I strive to have multiple streams of income with this being one of them

Try and understand that FX trading is not an income source in that you can and will lose money on some trades, as does every trader on the planet. It’s speculative and high risk, therefore learning how NOT to lose by protecting your capital is your first target lesson.

And to succeed you will need to treat FX trading as a new buiness venture, which could take years to master. There is no short cut to experience and profitability.

Have fun experimenting while you’re here, and best of luck.

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Hi @Evora and welcome to trading.

A journey is what you called it and that is what it is. There are no short journeys with that name and this one does not reach its destination quickly. But what is the destination?

Its not vast riches and supercars and a mansion overlooking the beach. Its much less dramatic than that. its a journey towards financial security and the freedom that comes with it.

Just keep growing your account and the journey gets easier.

Approach it with a level head and no pressure and then learn and practice as much as possible. Then you might have a good crack at it.