The Best Broker for Nepal? Easy withdrawal & Deposit

Choosing the best brokers among hundreds of brokers is very difficult. As a newcomer, we have less knowledge regarding brokers and their facilities. Deposit and withdrawal are difficult from Nepal. So if there are people to help out we would appreciate your kind help.

yes right now choosing a broker is very difficult, because most of them are found to be scams. i didnt got your point what actually you want from there ? any question about brokerage ?


I am trying to operate from Nepal and we don’t any e-wallet that is linked with international market. Because of this, we cannot deposit our money and withdraw directly. We have to take help from friends and family members living outside Nepal.
And I was looking for someone who knows about the payment gateway for the transaction from Nepal.

Is there any your local bank support visa direct or mastercard direct?
Most broker support visa/mastercard direct so u can easy deposit and withdrawal

honestly speaking i have never seen a best broker which belongs from Nepal even i have a doubt there is Forex trading legal or not ?

I am not sure about how the trading craze in Nepal but I would like to suggest you go for a broker which can accept countries from all over the world like turnkey forex, hot forex, XM, and IC markets they all are quite good with deposit & withdrawals, spreads, commissions, and trading conditions. Give them a try.