The best part is progress, disciplinary and patiance

The best part is progress, disciplinary and patience


I agree with your basic principles. Trading needs to be treated like a business, not a hobby.


That’s true. Both these attributes put you on the road of progress, as far as trading is concerned.

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it’s very true and a lot of perseverance

Sure. The best part in trading is the process for me. Patience and disciplinary are the key parts of successful progress in trading as for me. Moreover, we shouldn’t forget about other basic principles such as emotions control, risk management and money management, they’re fundamental principles too. Despite the fact that patience is quite difficiult to be reached for lots of traders, it really helps you wisely make various decisions, and what is more important it helps you not only in trading acitivity, but in real life too. Remember that lots of skills which you gain due to trading you can apply in real life and they will be really useful.