The best platform to trade on!


Iv been trading on a plus500 demo account for about 6 months now, but not sure if i really want to set up a real account with them. I have been reading on the forex fraud forum. They seem to get a lot of complaints and bad reviews on customer services and withdrawing money.

Can anyone recommend another platform.


If you are unsure then I would not act, you should be confident in the broker/platform. Check out others so you can compare the platforms. MT4 is the most popular, but I prefer cTrader. Some brokers (like plus500) have their own trading platform. There is no such thing as best platform; it comes down to traders preference.

My experience is that all platforms have their pros and cons. It is necessary to choose the broker first.

You never mentioned the main features you really want from a broker; but generally, most traders love an ECN/STP brokers who is able to offer them tight spreads; big enough leverage to help them maximize profit and easy withdrawal platform; if that is the case, some good brokers you an check out are; Oanda, Profiforex, Dukascopy and Alpari.

I prefer Dukascopy Jforex platform … I really really dislike cTraders charting , Nothing wrong with the execution speed but the chart do not give me the feeling.

MT4 is good enough for me. Choosing the right broker that suit your trading style is also important

If you want a Dukascopy 100% compatible platform, consider “Atom8 Trader”. Oddly enough
they seem not to mention that their platform is a “white label” of Dukascopy and
connects directly to the rock solid Dukascopy SWFX. If you live in the intelligent
part of the world, meaning outside the U.S. and its FATCA crap, then you are
in luck and can open accounts with these superior brokerages. The Dukascopy
feed and software integration is second to none in many ways, but a brokerage
is like a Wife. You have to sleep with it for a few months before you really
know what you’ve got :slight_smile: Disclaimer: Not intended to be a ***ist reference. I checked it out and it’s the real deal. Regulated too,
in principle, at least. I wrote a micro scalping platform for Dukascopy so
I know what I’m talking about. Good Luck !

Apparently you want the “Atom8 Trader Pro” platform, so that you can write
automated strategies, or get them directly from Dukascopy’s community. I just
downloaded the platform directly from Dukascopy, but used the Atom8 login credentials
and everything works perfectly :slight_smile: It’s real JForex under the hood… or under the
bonnet… Far easier than trying to get an account directly with Dukascopy Bank.


Try using Axitrader or Thinkforex. No problem with the withdrawal of money and their services are good.

My vote for Hotforex, but make sure you spend enough time on demo, before joining live (however I’ve omitted the stage of demo myself). You won’t probably find better spreads on GBP pairs than they have.

Mt4 has been the best platform for me . It simple and easy to understand that is why almost every broker offers mt4 platform.

No the reason why most brokers offer MT4 is because it is cheaper for them. Only budget brokers offer MT4 as their only platform.

CTrader and Trading Station2 are both heaps better!

I am wondering too. So MT4 or Ctrader… hard decision.

Pros and cons?

cTrader for me. Tried MT4 - didnt like it.

I use mt4 for analysis and automatic scaning for setups, and I trade of from my brokers CMC Next Generation platform… They have an awesome platform, but I can’t use my ea’s or scripts there.

I like mt4 for it’s simplicity and the fact that I can script my own tools to it…but I don’t like to trade from it.

I think the worst platform is plus500 then comes etoro and best is metatrader but I found the platform of the ava even better from all the rest

if we are talking about platforms id say the mt4 is the most popular and widely used, and most custom EAs and Indocators are based on it.

I find that MT4 is the best - Plus 500 is easy to use on the mobile but its not detailed enough

I think that there is no best platform out there since every single one of them offers different things. I guess we just need to find the best for what we’re trying to do.

Try FXCM’s marketscope.

I vote for MT4, easy to use and simple to add and edit indicators and template.