The best scalping system

Hello all! I am Constantine, i’m from Romania, Europe. I trade only GBP/USD and EUR/USD. I am trader from 2009 december and untill today i tried all possibile strategies but only one strategy is the best. I realize scalping is the best option for make a daily good profits, without loss, and with minimum risk for clients. I earn a good profit in every month and i want to share with people who need help my sistem. Remember, long time trades are for banks and big companies who have more money and can expect for profit looong time. For us the best is scalping, more small trades every day. All the best and thank you for your attention!


Hello Constantine, glad to have you in our forex community! It’s great that you’ve found a strategy that works really well for you. Why don’t you share some of your scalp trade ideas right here?

it’s good also for us to share some scalping technique here, thank you

yes why not, please share some of your strategy,

Hi everybody and Constantine. instead of waiting for Constantine, let’s all tell one another our own strategies okay? I start, my strategy is, I trade with the trend and not against it. eur/usd in this case is bearish (downwards) so I’m only looking for bearish signals. I sell when PA (price action) touches the top of the bolinger band in either 5m/30m/1H timeframe. I have thought how to improve this strategy so I came up with this idea:
Normal traders usually win 3 trades and lose 2 trades, they win 3 out of 2. Normal traders immediately open a trade with 0.5 lot or 1 lot. But with my strategy I don’t start with a high lot size, instead I start with the lowest lot size of 0.01 lot for my first trade. If this trade hit my TP (take profit) then I’m happy and I can start another trade. But, for example, if it goes 10 pips in the wrong direction, then I start another sell trade; for this second sell trade my lot size will be 0.02 (double). If the trade still goes in the wrong direction, then 20 pips higher my third trade will be with lot 0.04 (double again), my fourth sell trade will be 0.08, fifth trade is 0.16 and finally sixt trade is 0.32 lot.

What does this mean? This strategy means, that if I lose 5 trades and I win my sixth trade, then I still made profit because all five trades have lot sizes of 0.01 + 0.02 + 0.04 + 0.08 + 0.16 = 0.31. And my sixth trade is 0.32 lot. This gives me 6 chances for free to make profit. Then you will say: okay, but what if I lose all 6 trades? The answer is simple: if you use this strategy and always lose all 6 trades, then you are NOT cut out for trading in forex and you should stick with demo trading first and train yourself with online forex lessons and you should learn what a double top and top of bolinger band is, also Moving Averages (10 and 20) are interesting to find good signals. Even you don’t have time to learn, then you can still buy a signal service (like or copy trades from Etoro professionals (or Alpari/Dukascopy professionals) and when you copy a professional trader and you found out that the professional is selling the eur/usd NOW, then you can use this strategy where you put 6 trades and for each trade you double the lot size.

Even if you lose 6 trades 10 times, then it would only make sense that you won much more times. Because normally if you blindly sell or buy, you can state that you have a 50% chance of going up or down. But with this strategy you gain 6 more chances just to win 1 trade, so now you don’t have a 50% chance but much higher.

There is more, even if you lose 6 trades more times than you win, even then you will make more profit. Why? Because PA (price action) doesn’t go straight 2000 pips down, instead PA goes up and down and up and down in which case gives you beside the 6 chances, much more chances to make profit. Because if you sell with 0.01 lot, and 10 pips in negative you start your second trade with 0.02 lot. It only makes sense because this is forex, that PA will go with your direction again which means if you close the trade at that point in profit for your second trade (I’m not talking about your first trade), then you still made profit and then Price Action might go to the wrong direction again. And if you do the same with the third, fourth and fifth trade, then eventually you have gained some profit to compensate your loss.

What do you think about this strategy?

I don’t think that there’s a “best” scalping system out there since brokers offer unique services. But I find Etoro to be easy to work with.

Hello Constantine,

I have a good scalp strategy that i willing to share with anyone looking to make small gains i willing to do a live one 2 one
with anyone …As we help traders develop a system because we all knowa there all unique to the individual.



hi, michaellobry your trading strategies are good one. but these one are common trading method called : martingle sequence.
it may appear very profitable, by playing arround with the idea chance of winning after several losing streak, these where exponential lot size used to cover up previous loss.
truth is, each your trade bear the same probability no matter how many time you loss, each one of them has 50% chance to loss and same portion to win. :wink:
thre’s lot of EA system based on this sequence, even untill now there’s many traders still develop such trading system, another varian are with grid trading method, much more similar to it.
conclusion is, these method are not suitable for long run trading activity, once you’ve got the profit go get it, withdrawn at once. and start over again the sequence, since all the entry bear same portion of losing and winning.
one more thing is, go with most major, prefebly below 1 pips spread.

Thanks for sharing.

michaellobry - thanks for sharing. i do something similar, and it’s nice to see that others do this too. I sometimes feel like i’m flying by the seat of my pants with this strategy but i’m comfortable with it.

What is your idea, is scalping strategy appropriate to newbies? I mean to total newbies like I’m or it’s better to start with daily trading?

scalping method may appear as easy cheesy trading system, quick entry flash exit. but in reality such method are rarely going well with new traders, due lack of knowledge, and most entry are driven by greed :). I think you should keep with the daily trade, start with how to observe the market, define their major support-resistance. your first investment should be with education :).

Ill second that. Newbies are better trading longer timeframes, small lots, and big stops.
They wont be risking a lot and will have time to watch how the market moves and reacts to news events without getting wiped out

Very interesting. This is actually a gambling technique commonly used at the Roulette table. You bet on black or white, but double your bet every time until you win, then go back to the lowest bet again and repeat. If you tried this at a casino, I’m pretty sure they would kick you out. I guess it’s just too much of a gambling strategy to really rely on it.

I agree that the martingale sequence is similar to roulette, however there is a difference which I’m exploring. It is to open a position with 0.01 lots and if it loses I open a position in the opposite direction with 0.02 lots. When price moves in the desired direction I move the SL up and follow the price until the SL is finally hit. This means in the 4th sequence my trade could move up several more times the amount of the initial risk. In roulette when you finally win, your max payout is just what you lost plus you minimum bet amount.

Scalping is ok for anyone who enjoys drawing and adjusting trend lines and S&R levels on a short time basis. This is best done when drawing trendlines becomes second hand nature. You dont need to think about it anymore. Of course there are other tactics like price filters. For beginners it is however advisable to scalp on demos, so as to determine if it is working or not, and if it is for you, or you prefer something more laid back.

Another important point for scalpers is not only choosing the right pair with tight spreads and the right peak trading hours, but also the right mental readiness for you and a suitable environment.

Last but not least is [U]knowing when your focus starts to drop[/U]. Once you can determine the time when your focus starts to drop (and so does your performance) that is when you can manage scalping risk which s beyond simple money management.

They don’t kick you out, they love it, because with Martingale you can’t beat roulette. Especially in they set max. table limits. Furthermore, you can’t beat most of the games at a casino in the long run. Roulette and dice is the best known games to be unbeatable. You can beat blackjack though, but only if they don’t use CSMs, continous shuffling machines.

Back to Martingale. This concept was born around the end of the 1700s, was tried in a lot of games, failed everywhere in the long run. On Youtube you can find awesome videos proving statistically, why this system fails in games and in the forex also. Like this one:

But good luck with it. :wink:

I think scalping is something that attracts new traders a lot, but the fast paced environment burns them.

It’s like dialing up the trend mil to max when you’re unfit. Try out some higher time frame strategies before you go crazy with high frequency stuff.

Its all about survival for the long term. How long can you manage scalping (how many years?)
Some swing traders and day traders scalp every now and then, but as an exception not a rule. I think a strategy that is based on min. effort and max. result is anything but scalping!! But then again, every trading style has its people.