The best signal finder?

What’s the best signal finder and can it be installed to a phone?

You can try in-built signal generator called MACD. Playing with its parameters you can test it on historical prices or on demo.

Thanks man. Where can I download it from?

Simple: your brain. There are literally no shortcuts to this game- if it were that easy, we’d all be filthy rich. Hard work is the minimum.

I can’t say that you need to use signals from only one source. Trading requires an understanding of all this in order to manage data in time.

Hmm. :thinking: Not a big fan of signals providers or finders. :sweat_smile: I guess I’m more “conventional” when it comes to that. :sweat_smile: Haha.

There are some Apps you download from either Iphone or Android and you can get Alerts to your phone. I used them when I was a new trader. Look up Easytrend, EasyMacd,EasyRSI,EasyDoji, They are all one company. You can get alerts when to enter and exit a trade. Another one I liked is Market Trends and the FXS News App

Hope This helps