The Best Systems In a Long Time

I have tried this trading system out and it does work great. You could go to their web site Forex Clarity and go to the and register for the forum. I hope this helps.

ps. I’ve made 55 pips yesterday trading using the intra-day system

What is the “Awesome Oscillator” talked about for the 30 min system. Use FX Accucharts and couldn’t find this. Is it similar to MACD?

It’s official name is Chaos Awesome Oscillator. It looks like a MACD. The bars turn green on buy signal and red on sell.

Thanks for that. So am I right in assuming that if I use MACD I should get the same results?

no, totally different indicator. macd is not thesame as AO.

regarding the intra-day system:

I know you are suppposed to sell if the AO pikes are red (assuming SAR is indicating a downtrend too), but is that true even when the red pikes are above the zero line??? I would think that red above the line is kind of bullish, no??

and vice versa

even though the green pikes are below (assuming SAR indicates an upward trend), it’s ok to buy?

I have read about the AO but I am trying this system out and I don’t really understand the AO…basically, I would think that if the pikes are above the line then it’s a buy but not if they’re red…since this is bearish…
Does this make sense??

Hi I haven’t seen anybody commenting about this system since the last post 02-12-2007. Just wondering if anyone is still using this system. I would like to try it out so if people are still using it an having success with it please let me know.

I’ve just started using this system today and I was up a grand earlier today in my demo account. I messed up on one trade and didn’t set my stops per the instructions and lost half my profits. I like the system and I’m going to see how I do for a few months before I go with real money. The indicators per the system showed a bull indicator for the GBP/JPY and it made a nice run for me. I had 6 trades with 5 wins and 1 loss. I’m using VT trader but they can’t display a 300SMA so I had to switch to MetaTrader. I dabbled in forex years ago with another demo account but never really grasped on since I never found a great site like this.

Attached is an EA for the 4 hour system. You must unzip this file and copy the “VanessaFX 4H” EA into the expert folder below, then you must copy the “MACD no histogram” Indicator into the indicator folder below. You can then drag the EA onto a 4hour chart. I just found this so I don’t know how well it works but I am messing around with it now. Below are some notes from the script itself.

C:\Program Files\StrategyBuilderFX 4\experts
C:\Program FilesStrategyBuilderFX 4\experts\indicators

Notes, etc.
This expert produces signals when the VanessaFX 4H Advanced signal is seen on a chart. It
must be attached to a 4h chart and you must have the MACD No Histogram.mq4 file compiled
and installed. (2.28 KB)

Here is the 30M EA. Copy it to the “C:\Program Files\StrategyBuilderFX 4\experts”, then close MT4 and reopen it. You can then drag the EA to a 30m chart.

VanessaFX (1.44 KB)

I guess I will give it a shot on a demo account and see how it goes.

thanks for the EA’s

in the page 7 Vanessa FX pdf, I wonder how to draw the pink and green lines? :slight_smile:

It depends on what software your using. In Metatrader you just click on the line tool on the top of the page and then you can double click on it to change it’s color. On Oanda it’s essentially the same way, you just click on the draw trendline button and then you can double click on it to change the color.


Thanks Topgun68, i know how to draw the line, but I dont know where is those 2 line (pink and green lines) come from?:confused:

anybody know how to creat the vanessafx 4h EA.based on above post file,i cannot use it because the file not complete buy or sell action from the EA. anybody know to write it ,can fully finish the process? thanks of lots!

I’ll will ask the person who wrote the EA on Vanessa’s wesbite. I personally prefer it to just alert me since I wouldn’t want to take a trade without looking it over first and checking out where the S/R is on the daily chart. That is actually how Vanessa herself uses the system also :slight_smile: .


Hey Topgun,

Do you trade the intra day system too? I’m having trouble trading it, and I ask questions over in ForexClarity but noone ever really answers in there. I am waiting for Nick to give me access to the private forums. But if you are using the intra-day, do you mind if I ask you some questions? Thanks.



Same dilema as far as the 30 minute system on VFX system. Looking forward to find what I am missing.


Yeah. It’s hard watching everyone post the pips they are making with this system. I have studied every resource Nick/Vanessa have put out for free and have been trying to imitate what they teach but never seem to win. I am like you though. I need/want to find that missing piece.

If you do not mind me asking, how do you go about entering a trade using the system based on entry signal and S&R’s. Thanks.


I have been trading the intra day system with no success either. I just don’t like the AO. It obviosly works great in a trending market but when it hits range bound it gives fake outs like crazy. I prefer to use MACD but then it is the same system that James uses (45-a-day). There doesn’t seem to be too many people on ForexClarity using it either so I am ready to give up on it because I am having way better success with James 45-a-day system with some of my own modifications :slight_smile: . I do however really like her 4 hour system on the GBP/JPY chart. I like how she uses the daily with the 4 MA’s and our own S/R lines to find turning points. Just the other day the price did an instant turnaround at the 200SMA then tried to pass it again and formed a nice bullish engulping pattern in which I rode it up for about 150 pips. I think I will stick to her 4 hour system and use a few other systems that I like for intraday if I trade intra day at all. I’m still searching for the type of trading I like best and I am really starting to like swing trading because the trade is open 1-5 days, much larger gains, less chart watching which is what has been killing me, plus I have been having better success.

I can try to answer your question if I can. What have you been trying to find out?