The Best Systems In a Long Time

This is the best system I have seen in a while it is a system package made by a HOT! girl. Check it out this was on sale up until a while ago when somebody released ti for free the owner released for free just last week.

VanessaFX Advanced Systems.pdf (651 KB)

I have made about 1000 pips in the past 2.5 weeks trading this system.

making 60 pips today already! there is also a private forum for the book or something I am searching but I cant find it.

I Googled ‘VanessaFX system’ cant find much.

anybody know where it is and if its accessible to the public or invite only?

I am surprised this system has not got any attention it has been averaging 500 pips per week for two months.

Made 1400 pips in the past two weeks and there is very little risk…


Thanks for posting your method. Please give me time to read and check it in real-time testing.

it is not my method by the way…

I’m reading up on it. Are you using 4H system or 30M system?

I have to read this now after all of that hype :slight_smile: . Since the owner decided to give it away for FREE than I am sure they won’t waste their time opening up a private forum to answer questions on it.

I have been doing some research there is a private forum. All I know is that the system works and it works better than most of the other systems around these days.

I am using both systems.

It is probably on their website which is listed on the bottom of each page, which requires a members only passsword.

Forex Clarity

I just finished reading the doc. Looks very clean. All indicators are attached right on the price except for macd. I’m more interested in the 4H system but realize there is not a solid rule in defining the stop loss level. The initial stop loss is pretty wide and has a range between 100-150 pips. High & low zones - where do you attach these lines 4H or 1D? my guess is 4H.

Intriguing indeed. In the opening remarks the doc says “…trade these systems and turn 1K to 1M in the next year.”

1 million in 1 year - can this system really deliver that kind of a result!

I think the sentence was saying that “They [the systems] are easy to use but this doesn�t mean you can quit your job, trade these systems and turn $1,000 into $1,000,000 in the next year.”

She’s saying you can’t quit work trade the systems and turn a $1k account into a million dollars.

I think you just saw the numbers and were reading too fast :slight_smile:

hahahah yeh she doesn’t say you can turn 1000 into 1000000 she says that you can’t.

If anybody makes that claim they are lying.

Hi Groovenator, i am haveing trouble downloading your attachment from, would you mind emailing me that system. I would like to check it out. Please email me at <>



The GBP has been on the move a lot since early November. If you can start the system after one of GBP’s whipsaw sessions that lasts a couple weeks, you’ll do pretty good.

I just picked up on this system a few days ago. I have a simulation software app I used and tripled my account testing the rules out over a 9month period. So, I am pretty excited about this.

Hi guys

I found one article about VanessaFX-system…Read and post your thoughts…

The VanessaFX system - MoneyTec Traders Community Forum

I am going to test this system out, so far it looks good.

I was away for a little bit.

I like the intraday system a lot better. I can make 50 or more pips per day with it.

They say on the website that the stops they give are jsut the maximums and you shouldn’t ALWAYS used those. You need to learn how to judge exits yourself.

Groovenator, thanks for posting this info. I have read all of the materials multiple times and visited the site. I need a good intraday system and I will give this a go.

I also like the 4H system since that is really my main focus at this time.

With the intraday system, do you only trade the EUR/USD & USD/CHF or do you also trade GBP/USD, GBP/JPY?

The 30min intraday system looks like an interesting easy system to implement. I am going to test it in my demo account.

Has anyone backtested it over a significant period of time?