The best thing about Forex trading is

being able to work for only a few hours each day.

There will always be losers to make money off of.


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Everyday is like looking at a new treasure map, all you gotta do is get your shovel.

The thrill of success

The best thing about Forex trading is…

As aidysproule says being able to work for only a few hours each day would only be worthwhile if one keeps him up-to-date and keep himself prepared for the trade. If not, nothing would be paying off.

The best thing about Forex trading is…

babypips! :7:

yeah but a great majority of people end up losing even the shovel pretty soon.

You can pick and choose when you want to ‘work’…

you dont need to queue in social welfare!!!:32:

… being able to make your own decisions, in your own time and thus being in control of your own advancement.

The worst thing about trading forex is …
… not having anybody to blame mess-ups on. :smiley:

give you the chance to develop the instinct to survive in dinosaurs world. who knows you might be an extinct dinosaur your self. i am in T-Rex metamorphosis :32:.

Continuously learning, and the thought of being financially independent.

Given long-term success of course. A trader who consistently grows his/her account is someone equipped with the skill to make a stable living regardless of age. No concerns about income after retirement or starting a post retirement career at a Walmart entry door. As long as your mind is clear you are making a living. There is a lot to be said for that alone.

Make good $$$, stress-free!:32:

Be flexible, spot forex won’t be around for ever. Especially in the states.

life’s too short for boring cars and cheap wine.

What makes you think that retail forex won’t be around forever?

I’m talking more about in the US…government is coming down hard, trying to protect us from ourselves…talking about spot fx…not futures/opt.

Yes, despite not being affected by CFTC’s foolishness (luckily I’m not a US citizen), I find the extend of their interference troubling.
But somebody thinking that one day they’ll prohibit spot forex trading to their people completely still surprises me.


  1. Time freedom
  2. It can be trade part time or full time
  3. Wide financial market