'The Big Short' (2015)

Hello fellow peeps!

Has anyone seen this film?

What did you think of it?

It will be released on the 22nd January here

(United Kingdom) but it has already been showing

in the United States, and I heard some very good reviews.

Share your thoughts on here!

I can see some similarities with ‘Margin Call’,

another film highlighting unethical practices

behind the great financial crisis…



Hello peeps!

Well, I have just booked a ticket to go

to see the film on Thursday!

Has anyone else seen it?

I will report back!

Happy Trading!

Thanks, again… Looking forward to see it!

It was enjoyable, and it showed.some

interesting aspects of the sub-prime mortgage

crisis that led to the financial meltdown of 2008.

Heavyweights hoping for deeper insights should

look away now: this is a film for entertainment as

much as for documentinh purposes. However, it

does try to show in simpler terms just how collusion

helped layering the mortgage-backed securities cake

until it was a mountain of debt waiting to crumble.

Good job from actors and actresses making it

belieavable, although who can forget the Irons and

Spacey performance in ‘Margin Call’?

One to watch, and very topical, as we are indeed

watching another bubble burst on Wall Street (and not


Hello traders!

If you still have not caught up with this film, you must! And, to help you along,

here is a review from Fearless Female Traders:

What really happened in the GFC - Fearless Female Traders

[B]Author Michael Lewis discusses “The Big Short” and the future of finance[/B]

Watched it. Entertaining at worst. Enlightening at best.

What it taught me:

  1. They’re all mofos.
  2. They didn’t talk about charts. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Agree with no.2 :slight_smile:

human failure

thats whats this movie is about.
and its not a bad movie but i really had to fight with me to watch it till the end as its bit boring (watched it a year ago or so)

and why the hell is everybody awake sooo early??? damn turn the sun off… back to bed:28:

Hello peeps!

Has anyone seen this film?

Ewen McGregor in ‘Rogue Trader’ (1999)

Been wanting to watching this movie for a while… thanks for posting PipMeHappy!

Pipcrawler how are you able to watch it, in the US that video is blocked for copyright?