The bitter truth: forex trading is for the worldly & not for Christians

Today I obseved that Babypips used DICE as an image for their website favicon logo which strongly send the message that forex trading is BETTING, GAMBLING, PROBABILITY, SPECULATING, WASTAGE, E.T.C which is very far from being a LEGITIMATE and VALUABLE BUSINESS. The below article has revealed the untold truth about forex trading.

Is Forex and most other financial trading wrong or sinful for Christians?

I have stopped trading Forex altogether because I have developed serious ethical problems as a Christian with it.
Most types of financial trading are a zero sum game, even a negative sum game. It produces NOTHING of value, no goods or services, and no wealth is created like in Stock Trading. The net change in total wealth among traders is zero at the end of the day (sometimes even less!) - the wealth is just SHIFTED from one trader to another! (Reallocation of wealth.)

It is far too close to gambling for me (some skill, a lot of chance), and you make gains ONLY at another’s expense! Jesus said that we should love our neighbor as we love ourselves. How can you do that when you profit only at somebody else’s expense? It is a violation of Jesus’ most basic commandment for humanity. And to give to worthy causes from Forex earnings may be great, but the end never justifies the means! I personally consider Forex now essentially a form of legalized stealing and robbery. The experienced Forex trader is committed to “fleecing” those who are inexperienced!

Don’t pray and ask God to help you with your financial trading - he won’t! Don’t be deceived.

An agnostic has even said: “In Forex you’re not doing any useful work, and you’re hoping to make a lot of money from it, right? Isn’t this really like stealing from the public? You’re hoping to get a lot of money from moving currencies around, and you’re not giving the world anything in return - except moving some currencies around. I think that’s just like theft.”
Think carefully about what I have said. I don’t know if anybody can convince me otherwise/refute my arguments?

Yes stock market is a zero sum game too

Remember Jesus teaches about worldliness and the lust of the eyes and all those who practice such can never inherit eternal life.


Take it easy man I know truth hurts. Anyway the above is just a summary if not I can do a 1000 page article on this matter. Am not here to condem any man but to bring out the truth.
My friend, do not be deceived christianity is not a religion but the power of God for salvation

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Well, there are some things to take into account.

First, what is the role/purpose of speculators/intermediates?: To make a liquid market and assure that for every intention there is a counter part. In currencies this is hard to see, it is more obvious for example in agricultural futures, which are used to hedge possible problems or fluctuations in prices to avoid possible financial problemes in this kinds of businesses.

Second, what is the world of finance?: Management and movement of money in the most optimal way so that the dinamics of this world (goverments pushing inflation through debt for example) don’t eat your purchasing power. Indeed, all finance would be wrong in Jesus eyes in my humble opinion.

Third, what is capitalism?: I think you can imagine that capitalism is waaaaay far from Jesus teachings… we live in a world with very wrong foundations. It is true, but it is like this.

Wheter “all those who practice such can never inherit eternal life”, I think is just your opinion.

Take care mate.

P.D: Stocks i think they are not zero sum game because they extract richness from the people and spread it through dividends.

who lets retards like this out in public ,seriously

Thank you. Speculators are economic terrorist and thieves. Speculating is an illness of fake economy which poses severe risk to the real economy. Check out George Soros as one worst economic terrorist of all time Scavenging Soros: Market Speculator Buys Up $2 Billion of MF Global’s Debt | Video |

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An agnostic has even said: “In Forex you’re not doing any useful work, and you’re hoping to make a lot of money from it, right? Isn’t this really like stealing from the public? You’re hoping to get a lot of money from moving currencies around, and you’re not giving the world anything in return - except moving some currencies around. I think that’s just like theft.”

Are you serious mate? People doing forex are trying to make an honest living. We live in a world that has a certain rules and economy. If you can tap into that, all props to you, if you can’t you try to scam and beg people for money…like the church, the center of manipulation and corruption. If you are trying to give someone a bad conscience go on a religious forum and start badmouthing the pope and the rest of them for sitting on golden thrones while people out there are trying to make an honest living. If I earn money on forex I’ll be glad to give some to somebody that is in need of it, I won’t go building a palace and start telling people to donate me some more.

^ good call

To the op, I don’t believe in god or Jesus, or any religious figure for that matter, so do you mind if I carry on trading?.

By the way Christianity, along with almost every other (blind) faith has caused more, war, death, suffering, and heartache than any amount of capitalism or desire to earn a living ever will.

I think someone just blew up their account, and is externalising their pain…

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Those aren’t dice, but a bunch of baby building blocks. I think you know this, but chose to believe they are dice.

The church asks for money for nothing in return. Why can’t I ask the same of Forex?

Odd, I always thought those were baby blocks…

LOL I shoulda read the whole thread.

Really? Come on guys lets be sincere to ourselves. I know what am saying and seeing here. Why put up dice image there with a dot…each with one or two dots

By the way Roman Catholics or catholics believers all over the world are not Christians but bunch of idol worshippers and self righteousness under the guise of christianity. So do not be deceived. I am talking about the true pentecostal ministries here under the influence of the power of God through the Holy Ghost and Bible believing only.

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You’re out of line, pal. Don’t come onto this forum and slander other people for their beliefs. Who do you think you are?

If you were the Christian you claim to be, you would know that Scripture says, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” The judgment referred to in that verse is exactly the kind of judgmental intolerance displayed in your last post.

If you’re so almighty sure that you know the truth — and anyone who believes differently is damned to hell — then I suggest that you prepare to stand before God, all puffed up in your self-righteous pride, and let Him judge.

But, before that day comes, you might want to spend some time actually studying your Bible, to see what God thinks of pride and arrogance.

Just so we’re clear: I’m not Catholic. So, you haven’t offended me for my “Catholic” beliefs.

But, your holier-than-thou, judgmental attitude has offended me, nonetheless.

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Pope and whatever you call them are just names. Salvation is all that matters. Christianity is not a religion and stop tagging it as one

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Please understand me that am not here to condem any body. Who am I to do that? May God have mercy on us.

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I wonder - was there also something about paraquote here ’ it is easier for a camel to travel/pass throught the eye of a needle, than it is for a rich ‘man’ to make it through the gates … . "

I am not confrontational nor judgemental, however, with this ‘passage’ i struggle tremendously -
see - I consider myself ‘rich’ beyond belief, when I read about a 4 year old child dying in another country- - who incedently drinks from the sewage river - and eats green ‘leaves’ from a plant or tree.

see I am rich beyond belief - I have a home- I feed my family - ok now changing to we - -we have two vehicles one is even paid for - sure I/we owe quite a large amount according to my ‘standards’ - – my wife/partner and I are both ‘fat’ so we eat plentiful – hell I even get to golf . … . . so really . . . . my heart says - – sell the house - - sell the second vehicle - - - - rent a place - - - get out of debt, so I can give to that 4 yr old child that needs it. . … . .
there are a few other ‘passages’ that I can’t understand either - - but I will place my trust in christianity - and if it has lead me to forex- - you can be sure that the majority of it will go to “specific name, specific cause” –

So - my canundrum - - I would love to give up my ‘lifestyle’ for this young one - but I honestly feel I can do better – I can ‘win’ here- and provide much financial help - more so than just giving up my house and truck for one sole … …

brings in another ‘passage’ - which i won’t get into . . .but

Yes, you are right… but what the heck, I will burn in hell :smiley:

Funny, this sounds like life and a job… But it is good to see that you agree that it is not gambling… Far too close to gambling doesn’t make it gamlbing…:slight_smile:

Anyway, thank you for this very entertaining post.

Admin, please kindly move this topic to ‘newbies session’ so that more eyes will see and make their own contribution. May be they can clear my doubt about the DICE used as babypips LOGO. I hate things associated with dice. Christians are not LUCKY people but get what they want even from the gates of their enemies. Thanks