The catalyst of USD downmove

Dear Babypips Warriors,

Yesterday (13th of August 2019) at 14h30 (GMT+01), USD/CAD was sold by sellers like there is no tomorrow resulting in a 100 pips move.
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There was no top-tier event at that moment, so what was the catalyst of this move ?
I have read an article that US delayed some chinese items from getting tarrifs, could be this the catalyst of the downmove of USD ?

PS: GBP/JPY had the same effect, the price rallied about more than 160 pips.

That’s the only thing I saw. Very annoying. Turned an unrealised gain of +10% into +3% and I had to close two-thirds of my positions.

Still, trends are not yet reversed and a couple of positions have re-opened.

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Would have been a good “mean reversion” trade (not sure if I’m using that term correctly)! What was your trade for USDCAD when that happened?