The Chinese Spy Balloon

FRIDAY, 3 February – the spy balloon saga continues

(here is an excerpt from editor Sean Ring’s article in Rude Awakening)

Whisky. Tango. Foxtrot.

It’s nearly impossible to believe.

There’s a Chinese spy balloon flying over America.

And it gets worse.

The balloon flew just south of the South Korean coast. I hasten to remind you that South Korea is an ally.

Then it flew right over Japan, another partner.

It then skirted the Russian coast.

Next, it flew clear over Alaska.

After that, it flew over staunch ally and neighbor Canada’s territory.

Finally, it reached Montana, where it’s remained for the last few days.

Have a look at this map:

Chinese spy balloon route January 2023

Credit: @wildweatherdan

Apparently, no one thought of shooting it down.

Ok, I know South Korea and Japan have to walk a fine line since they’re right next to China.

And a power-drunk lunatic runs Canada, a big hippy commune dependent on the US military-industrial complex for its defense and welfare state.

But the US is just letting this happen?

It keeps getting better…

The Pentagon is worried about falling debris. over Montana.

Montana sports a whopping seven people per square mile.

Do you know what kind of bad luck you need to be hit with debris from a falling balloon when there are only seven people per square mile?

(continuing the Sean Ring excerpt)

Sloppy Joe’s Borders Record Isn’t So Hot

Joke Biden’s record on the Southern border is an abomination.

So it’s no surprise nothing was done when the balloon approached the Alaskan coast.

But I find that odd, as well.

Can’t Sarah Palin see Russia from her house?

If we’ve got spy balloons coming over the Bering Strait during this terrible time with Russia, don’t you think the Pentagon should get a little, well, defensive?

And I suppose the Canadians monitored the balloon’s progress through their territory.

But as soon as it hit our border with Canada, it should’ve been shot down.

On principle. Really, it should’ve been shot down when it hit Alaska on principle.

But the USG treats borders with disdain.

(continuing the excerpt)

Wrap Up

The USG blows up stuff all over the world.

I’d really like to know why its itchy trigger finger isn’t so itchy right now.

This is a clear threat, even if the balloon isn’t armed.

Destroying it would say to the Chinese, “No, you can’t do that.”

Of course, the USG has run spy planes up China’s coasts for years.

But what’s one more episode of hypocrisy among enemies?

Have a great weekend!

Sean Ring
Editor, Rude Awakening

Pentagon Rejects China’s Claims That Balloon Is Not Spying

SATURDAY 4 February, the spy balloon saga ends

Chinese Spy Balloon Shot Down By U.S. Missile Off Coast

If Biden had any balls, he’d send a letter, something like this, to Chicom Dictator Cheesy Ping:

Dear President Xi:

We regret to inform you that your “civilian airship, used for research, mainly meteorological”, which strayed into U.S. airspace, has been accidently shot down by a toy rocket launched from Myrtle Beach by a bunch of kids. The rocket – which can be considered a sort of low-power, unguided, toy civilian missile – was somehow blown off course by a “force majeure”, resulting in its collision with your civilian airship.

Because this accident was caused by “force majeure”, you can’t blame the kids for ruining your lovely balloon.

Reports have circulated that the U.S. military was, in some way, responsible for this regrettable accident. These reports are totally false, and are obviously intended to create suspicion between your lovely country and our own. Please ignore them.

We suggest that you order your “meteorological researchers” to develop a better steering system for their “civilian airships”. And we, for our part, will tell our kids to watch out for runaway Chinese balloons, when they launch their toy rockets.

Happy Year of the Rabbit, Dude.

Very truly yours,

Joe Biden, President


But he doesn’t.

hahaha perfect!

That’s exactly what I was wondering. If they’re worried about debris, they can use a drone to haul it over an unpopulated area. Why is that complicated?

"That’s exactly what I was wondering. If they’re worried about debris, they can use a drone to haul it over an unpopulated area. Why is that complicated?"

There is always more to these events.
It’s what we do not know that is concerning.

But the fact that such an event can take place for all the world to see, and nothing is done about it, until the mission has been basically fully accomplished (including the revelation that there is no longer any will to resist overt spying from the pentagon) is a green light to Chinese intelligence to be much bolder “next time.”

It’s all about which fox is in the henhouse, and it is well-known that Biden lacks the capacity or will to assert US authority over its own affairs.

The Commander in Chief of the free world worries me sometimes.
And US military intelligence under Biden is clearly not as intelligent as one might expect.

btw: Loved your response, @Clint

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