The Crypto Market is Collapsing

Interesting read! :open_mouth: Although I feel like the way it was written was a bit too dramatic (particularly the beginning. :sweat_smile:)

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We’re going to get down spikes as long as the dollar is this strong against a non-yielding asset like crypto. Still loading up on BTC at these levels.

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To be calm over such short periods, I choose to only look at the Coinmarketcap fear and greed index webform. In the last few months it had been in the high 60s, and I will only look to adjust my portfolio contributions if it falls below 50 or rises above 75. That has been my position since Jan24. Perhaps I made my move to favour alts too soon, as far back as March. But these headlines on news of 10% shifts in value are about as useful as a chocolate fireguard. Most people in BTC are there for the long term, not a quick buck for a 10% swing. For those who do trade BTC or ETH, the only ones licking wounds will be those who chose any leverage. You don’t need leverage on an asset that has grown by 200% per year every year since its inception. That is just asking for trouble.



Some see this as a buying opportunity!

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This is a great buying opportunity, nothing else.

I remember many threads like this before the previous halving too, stay tuned folks.

Just bought 10 shares of MSTR for a leveraged BTC play.

Wow, it has changed quite a lot in less than a week. From 55 to 44, that is a 20% swing in sentiment.


Might be the way to go! :open_mouth: Reading responses to this is kinda giving me the idea to get back in on BTC. :thinking:

Thanks for this Mondeo! :blush: Maybe I should also just look at this chart. :open_mouth:

Yeah! :smiley: Haha. Hopefully, since it’s altcoin season, BTC will continue to go down and I could get in. :pray: Did you also buy some yourself? :smiley:

No, I haven’t bought any yet, but it’s an interesting time to watch the market.

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Definitely. :open_mouth: I feel like things will get even more interesting in the coming weeks, given the dropping of BTC and ETH. :thinking:

Bought more on the dip!



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Niceeee! :blush: Good job on getting some more before price began to rally again! :smiley:

Looks like it is the start, BTC has just surpassed the $65,000 mark.

I plan to buy as much as possible… every paycheck will go in to $MSTR. Saylor just said this is nowhere near the peak… BTC to $10 Million…

Commodities historically have been “low” when interest rates are high. If this is true, it’s just the start of the next 10x bull run. Gold is ready to breakout as well…

Has it stopped collapsing yet?

We’re in for a massive bull run in the coming years. The longer USD rates are at 5.5% the more compressed the spring becomes when the Fed must lower rates (sharp drop in inflation, unemployment rising). Really looking forward to it.