The Cult Leader of Babypips

I know that I’m most definitely going to receive a lot of flack from the acolytes of drumroll Mr. Michael Huddleston, but I don’t really give a hoot if people get butthurt and say hurr durr you’re an idiot. What the heck is up with the Cult on Babypips? The whole thing smells so fishy and nobody is calling bull on the ICT the Saint of Babypips matter.

If one did even a modicum of research on ICT, one’d find that there are a lot of inconsistencies and dodgy content in his posts and activities. Some of his trading methods: fib projection, smart money tool, trader’s trinity etc. are based on voodoo analysis and questionable theorycrafting. Accusation without evidence you say? One of his videos I remember him saying big range days are followed by small range days and vice versa. Now my first reaction was to say: “well, no expletive” , however i was disturbed by the fact that he was demonstrating it by comparing sunday candles to weekday candles… . Who does that? Forgot the video, but in it he also talks about finding the next extreme high/low in the market by adding the candles or something in case it rings a bell…

More you say? It’s amazing what you can learn about people just by lurking. Let’s take two of the Fx-men that regularly posts in his thread: Sweet Pip, akeakamai. The former has followed Mr.Huddleston’s thread since its inception. Yet, this post was made just a few months ago.

The latter on the other hand recently made a “trading tombstone” displaying his overall loss in the forex market. What set them apart is the fact that these are members who have 5 years experience in forex… . Pretty sure there are a lot more, who aren’t as forthcoming as these two.

He allegedly got investigated by the CFTC recently and had his previous videos taken down by “them”. This has already happened in the past according to his interview.

He has personally stated that he resets his equity back to $250k every year. When asked about whether he did turn $250k to $5m in a year, he responds by saying: “pretty wild huh.” He had said that he’s been using many of his trading methods for at least 20 years, yet on his interview he says that he plans to retire when he makes $20m. If he really does make that much, isn’t 20 years more than enough? Is it boasting or inconsistency? I lean towards the latter.

Furthermore, I don’t think most of his followers know that the thread currently stickied in the newbie island isn’t his first one. You can look up the first one in his profile. The thread was discontinued because the Babypips staff found out he was sock puppeting, which is the act of posting in the same thread using multiple accounts with the purpose of misleading the public. He got indignant and openly denied doing such a thing, even though they have solid proof that both accounts use the same ip. Michael then started to act like a spoiled brat, deleting a lot of his previous posts including the first post. One member told him to : “don’t let the screen door hit you in the ass”. 7 months later the new thread was born and all was well. They even stickied it after two years.

ICT has been asked multiple times to provide proof for his trading performance on generic sites that record your trading statistics. To my knowledge he never responded to such a request. Except for one time though, he did start a 1k - 1million dollar challenge. Although that wasn’t much of a proof since he balked when he reached 9k and we haven’t heard anything since then. Did he blow his account, did he suffer a huge drawdown? He doesn’t want the publicity you say? He has a twitter, blog, webinars, and multiple threads on this forum. He accepted the interview of babypips, told you openly about his earnings and shown his face. Publicity shy? Me thinks otherwise.

The followers in his threads are like microcosms of the market. Even new comers are influenced by the rampant herd mentality present in the thread. They keep on stroking his ego telling him things along the line of : “Omg ICT is the man, ICT is the best forex mentor” Why? Well, because everybody else is doing it and we want to milk him for all he’s worth and hope he stays around long enough to hand us the secret to making serious money on a plate.

Have a great weekend folks
Good Luck and Good Trading :13:
David Huddleston

On discovering Forex, I quickly found the BabyPips site & as it had a comprehensive school programme, it’s a superb place to learn from. Then one would naturally delve in to the Forum here & as you pointed out, ICT is a big focus on this website. Why? Because no-one else is offering such help. If you want to step up to the plate & post some pointers for us clueless folk, I’ll quite happily delve in.

The theory side of everything I have picked up from his videos have developed my understanding of the market. I’ve got plenty left to learn & if the person is correct, I don’t care if it’s a newbie that’s blowing their account that imparts some knowledge on me or if it’s ICT. People just want to learn & I’m willing to pick up information where ever I can find it & from who ever will share it.

I’ve browsed plenty of threads on here & if you we’re to ask me where I would direct someone, it would be (and more often than not is) ICT’s thread. It may be partially due to a lack of other choices, but it’s also due to the fact that his videos are good. I’m not on other forum’s but I’d imagine that there’s a person on them that helps to teach & inspire people. Here on BabyPips, it just happens to be ICT.

I don’t know your background David or if you’re a seasoned trader (I’m not going to look through your history) so I appreciate that his information might not be of use to you. But as a newbie (and I’m covering his more basic videos), I feel like I’ve learnt heaps.

You are entitled to your opinion & obviously you’ve looked in to it & researched your points but I don’t have to agree. As long as I’m learning then I’m happy.

You’ll be right in thinking that this thread is not going to be a popular one; the negativity of it almost deterred me from replying. The bold statements just ring too strongly with the light-hearted nature the forum usually has.

Finally you have your own show so everyone can see you…

I think your claim is very weak and it really disappoint me…

For one thing, Babypips, ICT, and other good experience traders around here are helping newbies like me without asking for any fee, subscription,etc. The time , knowledge, effort to put in the materials are free to HELP and make this community accessible for everyone all over the world who are willing to learn. Where else can you find that?

So what are you here for? What are you going to contribute to make this community better? To make a claims about “Cult, conspiracy, and degrading other people” for what?

I know you just want to rant and rant…on and on… about your straggling. But if you are keep doing this and degrading other respectable people, I think you need to look for a therapist because “we are not your f… therapist”.

Lol. Poor Micheal. I think what the ICT bashers want to know is if theres anyone including ICT himself using his methods thats “making money”. I wont bash the bashers for wanting to find out because its a common thing on BP and other FX sites that claims have been made with little or no proof!

By any chance you and Michael related?

So DavidLee…

What do you propose?

Your strategy, you must be making millions, since you obviously dismiss a whole swathe of trading strategies, you must have the holy grail, would you care to share?

Tell me, if you don’t like free stuff and you don’t like paid stuff, and you obviously don’t like, what would you like?

But if you aren’t making ‘it’? I’m sure a few of round here will rise to the challenge, (if and when we feel like it), to just show you.

I feel a song coming on…

Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble
when you’re perfect in every way.
I can’t wait to look in the mirror
cause I get better looking each day.
To know me is to love me
I must be a hell of a man.
Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble
but I’m doing the best that I can.

Don’t be such a party pooper…

I always suspect that posts like yours, are from profitable traders just trying to put the new aspiring traders off the scent, Oh come on, there’s enough to go round…

David, you have been lurking but not learning.

The video you are trying to remember where ICT takes cognicance of Sunday trading (excluding the Sunday opening gap video) does’nt exist - in his videos ICT ABSORBS Sunday’s range into his Monday range - His videos only show Sunday because he has no way of removing it in his mt4 - he specifically draws attention to this many times.

Daily range contraction/expansion is not an ICT invention - I first encountered this teaching long before I heard of ICT, the motto was similar - be aware that small range days are the mark of the banks gathering orders and define the sure to follow long range day (and it’s direction).

Try to learn something constructive from the wealth of information and knowledge provided by ICT - if only one small, little thing that you can apply to your trading - then you will have gained.

Btw I think that ICT’s use of voodoo would be very limited given his Christian principles.

Wooooow, Talk about throwin the hook,

I havent evaluated in reading, taking part, or even trying ICT system. But I do know he is here, as Ive been here for 2 years now… Traders seem pretty highly of him. I tip my hat o him for giving his time to help other traders " find a way".,

Trading works like many other things you do in life, if it works, you stick to it, if it doesnt, YOU WALK AWAY…

If your following a system, it proves to work, well, use it then, if it doesnt, no-one is making you sit there and follow it…

This is the exact reason many might lose money, or gain money, as 100% of the traders following, wont do what the system calls for 100% of the time…

If it takes you months or years to discover the system is crap, or it isnt " What it seemed" to be from the start, well, thats your problem, not the instructor…

The thing that is annoying, IS WE ARE HERE TO MAKE MONEY, If thats not your primary objective on BabyPips, Then your scamming or pulling together some sort of hidden agenda to upend traders for personal information and scandle…

I dont know ICT, I never talked to ICT, I never seen his system, but the bottomline is, it has to be profitable, or You shouldnt be sticking around anyways.

This is another reason, in the business, you cant be a sheep, or a follower. You must be leader type of person. You have to know when its right, or if its wrong, if it works, or if it doesnt, and you must be able to pull the string at that very moment…

So, what your saying is, people just follow ICT because he has hundreds of posts in his thread, and he is a cool dude?
I highly doubt this is the senerio. [B] Evidently people are OK with him not showing his stats, as the represented system must speak for itself.[/B]

I definitly dont want o see new tradrs steered the wrong way, simply because its unethical. But when it comes down to it, the final choice is your to make. Its not difficult to look at your account and say, " THIS INST WORKING", and go find something else…

Yeah, each their own I suppose, just keep in mind, 95% lose in this business. Is it because they are guilded by the wrong people? Or is it because they dont have the mindset to bail, and adapt to something else?


Should I stay or should I go Now? Well, that has to be dependent on the traders regonition of THEIR ACCOUNT…


It doesnt bother me, Im not a follower.

Let us focus our attention elsewhere folks. This is just a rehash of what has already been spewed over and over again.

Hello peterma,

No, I don’t think we are talking about the same video because he wasn’t discussing about Sunday trading. He was looking at a daily chart and hovering over sunday candles and referring to them as small range days then hovering back to the series of weekday candles and referring to them as large range days. The idea may have merit however he could easily mislead a newbie by doing that. Also, the question should be how long will a series of short/long range days last. Not what happens after the end of one.

Lol, love the ending bit xD.

Damn, I have come to the stark realization that most female traders on this site find me contemptible :59:.

Seriously though if Mr. Huddleston does link his account even a demo one to a trading performance site and replicate his trades on it, I’d gladly offer a formal apology and eat humble pie. Assuming of course that he delivers good results. Obviously, this won’t be happening any time soon.

I admire your no bull approach to this business. Much respect bro.

LOL… this is ridiculous!

Mods please do not delete his post or alter it.

I am completely open to sceptics. I am 100% comfortable with folks not wanting to “subscribe” to my theories and concepts. However, if you want to make a campaign atleast do yourself the justice of sound research. Everything in this post fails to prove anything… aside from your inability to collect information and document accurately.

I have no Davids in my family for those wondering. :slight_smile:

Now as for a Cult or me being the leader of one… that’s funny. I have a blast sharing on here and yes I have a collection of folks that enjoy and find my work insightful. Don’t blame me for being interesting… it just comes natural.

I was open about my IP address being highjacked. I posted it to the thread when NOBODY was the wiser… save Babypips mods. I wanted it known… why would I do that if I wasn’t trying to be honest and upfront?

The results of others are not a reflection of me or my personal results? Who makes these types of analogies? Everyone’s results will vary… I MADE THIS VERY CLAIM and also stated I could put it on the front page of USA Today and it would be ignored by most.

I have one question… do you sell something I took sales from? Have I crimped your revenue expectations on peddling something? Or is it just me being me that cramps your style? I really only care to know this one.

I deleted the posts not in response to trolls like you, but again… collect the facts… I was in the process of revamping the first page. Babypips locked the thread and I wasn’t able to make the changes. The thread was relaunched and it is the number 1 thread on the website… it is locked because I wanted to preserve it from characters like you. It was stickied because it’s worthy.

The CFTC has tapped me on the shoulder for failing to provide Risk Disclaimers… which I do now and giving advice or trades on Futures in the past. Again, you know nothing.

I already stated I was doing a MyFxBook in January 2013. I share my trades in video with entry and exits… many live as they occur. Again… fail.

Now if the fact that I draw a crowd, hold the interest of folks on this thread, educate with insightful material makes me the “Man” and you have a problem with that… well bub… that’s “your” problem. I laugh at folks like you… and those who act like you do. Your post makes me smile and it brings warm and fuzzy feelings knowing I can motivate jealousy and envy in the likes of guys like you.

If I am not “The Man” as you claim… in the words of Ric Flair… to be the Man… you gotta beat the Man. Please go back to the drawing board… rethink your attack… cuz’ fella this one was weighed in the balances and found wanting!

Good Luck & Good Trolling

Babypip’s Cult Of Personality :57:

Just waiting for my name to appear in this thread…

The flocks of sheep will gather around the shepherd soon. Talk is cheap, I’ll believe it when I see it Moses.

As always, and already mentioned in previous threads. ICT has so many followers who have been following his own methods for over a year now. I’m really surprised that not one single follower had posted any sort of verified gains, even on a demo account which is segregated from their real money account.

This is getting boring now…

P.S If your not skeptical as a trader then god help you :wink:

You clearly are seeking attention. Give it some time… I know there is atleast a dozen on here that share your views. You aren’t alone. However, let it be known… I couldn’t care less what you believe. BTW I liken myself to that of King David… versus Moses. Thanks for the compliment though!


Come on guy… just admit it. You want signals. Its all about that myfxbook. I vote ICT postpone it to January 2014.

Myfxbook do not give signals…they provide a snap shot of your account. And if that’s your main concern then choose to update your account once a day after the trades have been closed.

Somehow you always show your face. Trades are updated every 5 minutes or something to that effect. Who knows? Point being you can see open trades. We have already had you go on about ICT followers not showing returns. Come on, don’t you get bored of the conflict?

Nope. Trades can be updated at the close of every trading day, or you may even do it manually as the end of each week. The choice is yours.

And no, open trades can be held in private, as I use this function in my own FXbook.

Yes I do get bored of the conflict, but I don’t get bored of people giving useless reasons, such as the above :wink: