The Dream of being 'Full Time'

Apologies for not updating this more - things have been absolutely manic with this COVID-19 mess.

Work is absolutely insane as can be expected, and I’ve had to devote most of my time to managing my stock portfolio - fun fact, we have gone from circa £260,000 to a fantastic £195,000 so lots of fun…

Anyway, not much time for the FX recently, and seeing the ridiculous volatility and whipsaws going around I would not want to be leaving positions open for multiple days or indeed over the weekend (which this strategy is supposed to do!).

No trades based on this strategy since the last updates. When I’ve had a few moments I’ve just been scalping or taking some quick positions on the 4 hourly chart. Below for the progress (although not part of this journal really - I’m more posting to simply keep the thread alive so that when things calm down I can start it up again)

**edit as filtered the trades wrongly in previous post!