The end of an era: pit-trader jackets

Hello traders,

this is a very recent article on

the dying art of pit trading, with

the particular angle of the business

of trader jacket manufacturing:

RPT-Flashy jackets of Chicago traders may soon exist only on the silver screen

An interesting read…

Interesting, technology brings along some very interesting changes in all sorts of fields and areas.

Thank you for sharing this article. Technology is making certain jobs redundant.

Hello fellow forum peeps!

I sent the above article to Merlin Rothfeld at Power Trading Radio last week and

he mentioned it on his show; listen to the part between 5’00’’ and 7’10’’:

Power Trading Radio Video Archives | Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Great stuff!

Dying art? It’s been dead for a longggg time my friend.
Pit traders either evolved alongside technology, or faded away into the background.

There are tools out there that provide a “virtual” pit (order flow trading analysis), but the screen doesn’t provide the environment (sounds, emotions, etc) that the physical pit did.

Hey I sent you a message,
that too was a longggg time ago :wink:
Will await your reply …

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Saw that. The site has been on hold for quite some time now. As you can tell, I’ve also been away from BP for a while. Looking to get more active. You’ll be on my mind if anything changes. :slight_smile:


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thank you… I understand, that is no problem… I could not find your website and I was just

asking in case you still had it up and/or were looking to expand.


Have you been writing?

Yes, two articles for FX Crunch, and one for DailyFX, and a stack of videos on YouTube (see the threads

I made here on Forextown for those).


CME calls time on New York open outcry options floor -

The end of pit trading is here!