The end of the beginning

Just completed the School of Pipsology, it took me just over two months. I am very appreciative of the volume of FREE information that was provided throughout, I believe I am now equipped with the best basic tools and knowledge to start exploring trading techniques.
I regret purchasing signal providers and courses from strangers before taking this course, whilst knowing that there is plentiful of free information. I was clearly irrational and stupid. To anyone reading this, do not buy sh*t, use that money you want to pay for a get rich quick scheme or profit algorithms, to keep yourself alive whilst you study and grind hard.
I didn’t think it would take me this long to get to where I am at, I thought I would be trading already but like babypips rightly said, I should arm myself with as much knowledge and experience before putting my black shades on and stepping out the matrix.


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I’ll bet the courses you bought have taught you some useful knowledge. The fact that you could now find it for free does not invalidate your need to obtain them for a fee at the time you needed them.

We’ve all bought bottles of water. But we all know you can get water free… if you’re not thirsty.


It goes back to the question, If someone has knowledge of how to make money, why do they then charge money to share their knowledge? This is something that I didn’t consider before paying, it’s good that I now have that rationale to avoid scammers or overpriced services.

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Agree 100%

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Let’s suppose you have more water than you need. In fact you own a spring. And there are thirsty people about. If all you have to do is bottle it and hang up a sign saying “Water for sale”, why would you not do it?

Of course, some people will try and sell empty bottles or contaminated water. But they will be found out and it will be all over the internet in about 30 milliseconds.

Some people will charge £25 for a small bottle of water because it has a fancy label. But that’s just good business. You can’t be a trader if you don’t support capitalism.


Whilst there are certainly dubious people selling trading stuff that is worthless, there are other justifications.

As we all know, trading is a risky business that demands a lot from the trader. Even a consistent trader may well find a maximum level of exposure that he/she is comfortable with and wouldn’t want to take more risk.
In addition, traders can become tired of the stress and demands and look for other forms of more stable and regular income.

Trading income is always only as good as the “last trade” and the future is an unknown in terms of market characteristics, regulation, and costs.

So if a trader has a stable, reliable strategy that has been developed over a period of years, does he not have a justification for asking for some form of remuneration for sharing and teaching?

Having said all that, in my experience I have not come across many traders that are genuine and selling their experience to others. Most sources appear to be either scams or simply basic info that is amply available for free and just dressed up as something “special and unique” and you are only paying for the wrapping! :thinking:


Wishing you the best of luck in your trading venture!!! :+1:

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You can! Just set up a demo account! You can trade for free with no risk. It’s also a great way to test out a broker’s platform.

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Good point.

I see, you just have to try your best to filter out the dirty scavengers and the truly honest people who are trying to help, that is if you are willing to pay for information. And thank you :muscle:

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