The FCA warns about a clone company called Cash2All

The United Kingdom financial regulator Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued another warning about a clone company. A The company in question is called Cash2All. Naturally, it has no license to operate in the jurisdiction overseen by the FCA. What is more, since it is a clone company, Cash2All is using the details and information of a company that is, indeed, properly licensed by the aforementioned regulator. The FCA is also suspecting that the clone company is knowingly and deliberately participating in investment scams. Any and all people that have been in contact with this scammer are urged by the regulator to call them immediately.
To reiterate the FCA warning – when you sign up with a broker always double check its information with the regulator that they claim has provided their license.
Unsurprisingly this is yet another scammer with a ridiculous name that promises things that are too good to be true and yet people fall for it.