The fisherman system

Hi I have been reading this forum for years.
I am posting today well because i had a few drinks because my grandfather has passed, I am very succesful at forex trading. I’m the guy that just hovers around the forum without ever joining well today I did again because I had a couple of drinks.

I call it the fisherman system because (avoid tokyo trading hours) like the plaig, so while waiting for tokyo trading to finish i simply go fishing every day.

It’s painful wait but let me tell you it will be the best advice you ever had do not put a trade on until tokyo trading has finished or until london hour just before tokyo finishes for the day.

You will find in most cases your trends will hold if you follow this method, i know im saying the reverse of what they say best days of trading is during asian market hours bla bla bla. I’m talking about your entry points is after tokyo finishes.

thats my tip :slight_smile:

another tip if you are extra cautious trader ( thers a 5 hour window) trades on when london starts ( still means you get the last edge of tokyo) and close before new york starts.

You will minimuse losses dramaticaly and if your trend theory in how ever you do it is right you will profit. If your london after tokyo or hour before trend you picked is wrong and there is a minus before new york opens cut your losses so i’ve given you entry point . and cut losses point

if your absolotly positive about the trend you have chosen entry point after tokyo and close next morning at exactly 4:55am australian time new york could flip you or you could 3 - 1 , thats the gamble. If its in loss at 4:55am australian time cut the loss , if its in profit at 4:55am austrlian time take the profit. cause those two hours are painful if you hold it.

okayy 1 trade tip by euraud and gbp aud now

and there she blows already like clockwork those that understand candles and avoid tokyo

gbp aud is fightingit but it simply cant fight the candle structure of the eur aud it will give in

so both combined in profit now its upt to you to take it or whatever as i jus predicted gbp aud could not hold after tokyo take not people cause i’m only doing this 1 night i own a ferrari 488 gtb , one nitght only

i am going to leave out how i predict candle stick patterns as i’m nice but not that nice up to you to do your own research

so we hae 8.4 pips her over -22 gbp aud but it will keep coming before new york now note i close normallyhalf hour before new your i playing consertative always play consertaive towards end of month

so we got gbp aud 1.5 pips and eur aud 11 pips so if you want to take profit now you can

see prety much though if you no your candele sticks and dont trade till after tokyo you be doing okay like i said its the fisherman system. But i’m not going to explain why i chose eur aud and gbp aud but i will say its candle sticks