The Future Great Piposki

It will take a lot to live up to the title of this intro post LOL. Believe me I have no great aspirations of becoming wealthy off of trading, cruising around the Caribbean in my yacht trading as I sip a margarita from a straw :slight_smile: Now I wouldn’t mind that, but then there is reality :(… Anywho to introduce myself I make a good living working in the Oil and Gas sector managing an IT group and have a beautiful wife and two fantastic kids. My interest in FOREX trading is to give me something to do after retirement and make some money along the way. I would like to retire in 10 years, so I want to get moving this year with trading. I am a bit anal when it comes to most things, so I have been researching and practicing on and off for the last 2 years with Demo accounts… During those two years I have learned a lot ,but I feel like I’m just now getting to where I understand enough to make the plunge. I plan to open an account with FXCM next month and begin this journey. My wife and I will learn this together, she will be trading during the day and we will both trade in the evenings as time permits. My goal this year is just to have more money in the account then what I started with :slight_smile: Glad to be apart of this site I have been reading it for about a year now and never signed up.

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Hi Piposki,

Welcome to BabyPips :slight_smile: It’s a great community!

As FXCM’s representative here on the forum, I want you to know should you have any questions about trading with us that I’m available in the Broker Aid Station.

Hi there Great Piposki,

There is a difference between dreaming and admitting that you are dreaming. As long as you remember that those are your dreams. :wink:

What triggered me to response is the advice: learn not to be ‘Anal’! Or else you may be looking for the perfect set-up and always have an excuse not to enter or stop a trade! It doesn’ t matter how much you learn and analyse, it is just to give you some sense of navigation, but it is not the truth! You wouldn’ t be driving into a ditch just because your TomTom says so. :smiley:

Welcome! Feel free to ask things.

Thanks to all for the reply’s and glad to be apart of this community. The Baby pips school is awesome and by going through it I found some thing that I was not aware of :slight_smile: I know I will always be learning to get to where I need and want to be. I have 10 years to build my knowledge and skill, so I’m going into this with eyes wide open.

Thanks for the offer to mentor I will visit your thread as time goes on.

Glad to have a FXCM rep on here. I have been working with rep by the name of Merrill that is keeping in touch with me. Once I secure the funds I will be opening an account …hopefully in March :slight_smile: FXCM seems to be everything that I’m looking for and the support and demo account is fantastic so far.

Glad I was able to pull you into my thread. Great advice! I tend to plan out everything, but I think once my confidence is built up as well as my skill set I will learn to trade with my gut more.