The GOAT: Bob Volman Fanatics

Greetings Baby Pippettes ,

I personally have found Bob Volman’s material quite comprehensive and accurate. Although a bit challenging to digest on first glance, I am a strong advocate of his vantage point and psycological forces in the market specifically the 5min charts.

I am writing this to post to see if anyone has also found a similar respect for his material and to see if anyone can offer any insight as to how it has worked out for them and adjustments (especially provided that his material is a few years old). Nevertheless the current underlying principles are there and I want to expand on it.

If anyone has any suggested read or worked on this extensively (or passively) happy to hear from you.

Thank you for your time.

I have never heard of this Bob Volman but I’m interested to learn. Where do I find his materials? Are they for sale?

You can find a free pdf version on library genesis. You either hate him or love him. Let me know what you think.

Just Google his name and you will see that he has a few books for sale about price action etc and there’s also a couple of threads available about him on forex factory.

@silverf466 @trinidad316 @mr.peanutbutter hey team still active with the same methods