The Great Resignation - thoughts?

This phrase has been making the rounds recently what with all businesses seemingly unable to find employees to hire and everyone else quitting their jobs.

Truly though my question is: these people quitting, where are they getting their money to pay for essentials, rent etc???

And is working regular jobs now optional? What will the future of work look like? Is this temporary? Is everyone trading crypto instead???

Is there anyone here who recently quit their job? If so, what are you doing now and how are you sustaining your daily needs? :open_mouth:

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Ah, market economics at play - Demand is high, Supply is low, hence price rises.

A better paid job than the one you’re in is the first step. A friend of mine is a UK trucker, and he’s changed jobs for higher wages, and/or other benefits, several times during the pandemic.

35 years ago - if that’s any good ? - that’s the last time I drew a Paycheck as an “Employee” - Since I have a good skill (Claims Surveyor) - I can earn well when I work and have often 8-9 months a year off !

However that’s just me.

Here’s another take on the situation;

"Gravitas Plus: The Great Resignation - YouTube

That vid misses the “Elephant in the Room” however - which is the fact that the Western attack on male competence has reduced teh amount of Boys going to University down to a little over Half the number of girls doing so !

So what are these Bright boys doing ?

Now THAT is the real question !

If a person has nothing, and you take away even that which he has what is he to do ?

“Who is John Galt ?”

They have simply opted out !

In a time when there is no hope left and the weather is warm in certain parts of teh Country and you can walk into a store and steal goods up to say $900 without fear of prosecution - well why would you bother to do anythng else ?

They say

You will own nothing - and you will be happy "

Well maybe - but why the hell bother to go to work or “Get Wifed up” ?

To quote Douglas Murray

You can’t go on for ever - Making War on white males - without expecting some sort of kickback"

Complex question - hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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