The introduction of a a future trader

Hello, I’m an introverted person interest in trading. The goal is to have a better understanding and to get better at trading as a swing trader. I’m still a beginner aiming to make trading part of my skillset.

Well, apart from this great free education site, you will need to construct a plan and keep a jounal of your trades. Here’s a link

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Welcome to the community, @R0sc03. Just be patient as you go through the learning process. Good luck.

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This part is difficult. When you first start and profit a few pips, you think trading is easy. You start thinking of the luxury you’ve always dreamed of.

You won’t be humbled until you get monkey stomped by the market.

That’s what taught me patience. And I’m still learning.

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Hi! Fellow introvert/trader here. Just came by to wish you luck!

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Welcome! The free resources here will definitely help you go through your trading journey. Good luck, hope all goes well for you!

True. We only realize the level of patience needed when we actually need to be patient. It’s easy to be over confident when everything is going our way. Then on the other end it’s also easy to feel anxious when nothing seems to be going right.

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With time and learning new skills, you will become a good trader. I feel that practice makes a man perfect. You can research the market with the help of technical analysis and fundamental analysis and even put into use some solid risk management strategies as it will be helpful for you to avoid losses.

Hello Welcome! Looking forward to learn a lot from you.

Welcome to the forum!