The luckiest day in trading

i dont really read the news, so does anyone know why a sudden move with these pairs?
and anyone who “catch” ?

do you watch economic calenders ?

Hold on. You don’t read the news, so you want someone who does to tell you what happened?
You’re going to have to learn to fend for yourself a bit more than that if you want to succeed.
Go back to your trading platform, there’s almost certainly a tab headed News. Have a read of what happened around the time prices moved

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Exactly !!!
that’s why i replied the way i did

and… Would he even understand the explanation ?
or would it spawn a series of other question

Exactly , bloody right
round of applause to Eddie… very well said mate

i do read some in forex factory but im still drowning with information. so i just dont care. then this happened yesterday so i just started reading then analyze last night.

ok mate
i’m not really sure what to say to you here.
the point has been made clear by eddie as to what you should do
just go and do it

See I don’t think that forex trading is not suitable for those who are not interested in news since without being updated about the world and various domestic economic changes, how can a trader expect to take the advantage of price changes? you should develop the abilities and interest to read news, especially financial news, economic news and news that can relate to world economy.

Man, if you don"t understand what happened then start reading economic calender fast every week, because then this was pure luck nothing else. Also analyze your positions which you have profited from and also the ones which were losers to see the difference.

when you can’t be bothered to read the news, you deserved to lose money. No one can help a lazy trader like you. Forex trading market should not have traders like you who is waiting for people to feed you.

My recommendation is to find an economic calendar you like and consult it regularly before you trade.