The Madness of Crowds?

An interview of Douglas Murray by Julia Hartley Brewer which addresses some of the mindsets with which we seem to be struggling at the moment. I link at a salient time for the conveniencee of those who only want to hear a few minutes of the Interview as it relates to this thread in particular ;

Murray’s Newest Book “The madness of Crowds” is highly acclaimed as a pivotal work and highly recommended for those who wish to form an informed opinion on these matters.

For the sake of completeness - I quote with a wry humour what seems to be the only negative revewer who is quoted among unfailingly positive reviews by knowledgeable people who have been invited to review his work

"….An abomination (Titania McGrath, author of Woke: A Guide to Social Justice…)

(whoever she might be - :wink:

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Iv’e read his book and I believe it is a brilliant read.

Murray is a very deep and good thinker the same as Jordan Petersen and unfortunately the brain washed leftist socialist fools of this world are not smart enough to comprehend the wholesome truth they tell about today’s society.

What is this world coming to???



I have it on order.

I don’t think by and large that they are not smart enough - just that it is a part of their training in Schools and Universities nowadays, that they do not actually listen in the way we were trained to do.

In fact in the thread which the original post of this thread was “pruned” from, I suggested some helpful reading to be told "I am very selective in what I read"

If you investigate some of the very best “Anti-feminists” - people like Janice Fiamengo and Camille Paglia, we find that they started off life as “Raging feminists” before realising the truth. Cassie Jaye who wrote and made the film “The Red Pill” started off as a deeply committed feminist as she says in her videos, before learning that there was in fact another point of view to be considered and made that excellent film which the zealots have made huge efforts to have banned without even bothering to watch it ! (Good film btw)

This is the main problem - the “indoctrinated” have been taught that their way is “RIGHT” (and Virtuous) and everyone who urges a less militant position or presents any other viewpoit is inherrently EVIL ! (and needs to be punished most viciously)

As to why they fear so much actiually listening to the truth one can only speculate, although it was a stroke of sheer genius for the Postmodernist indoctrinators to instruct them that to listen was to be confused and it in fact it is reminiscent of God’s instruction to “Not hear” the input of the Devil !

I’m not sure whether it was in the vid I linked to or a different one but his warning that ;

"You can’t make war on men without expecting some sort of kickback…"

is perhaps worthy of consideration and indeed many commentators simply put the fact that it hasn’t happened yet - down to the chivalric attitude of men. Although there are some signs that women are being passed over for employment or in house training due to the excesses of the “Me too” movement and also that a great many men are choosing not to go to University (by which means they avoid the indoctrination in part at least) and many many more are going “Mgtow”.and a few seem to be seeking companionship in less disadvantaged unions by turning Gay !

Your reference to “Mgtow” called to mind their logo – which, in turn, made me recall Yogi Berra’s
funny aphorism about a fork in the road —

When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

Yogi Berra

Yogi wasn’t promoting MGTOW, which didn’t even exist as a counter-culture movement back in his day.
Rather, in his funny way of speaking, Yogi was simply giving directions to his house in the woods.

Yes I agrre with this comment. However the people that I was talking about are the more middle aged group of leftists who did not go through the school system of today. A number of them have said that they thought Jordan Petersen just waffled on about rubbish and Douglas Murray’s book was nothing more than a right wing diatribe.

The MeToo movement is nothing more than a hate fest of men. The treatment by the Metoo movement on the Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh when he faced the hearing into ridiculous rape allegations was vile. Any sensible person whether you were male or female should have been able to see that the claims were too vague to be believable.

Another book well worth the read is Ship of Fools by Tucker Carlson.



Wow interesting debate - not quite sure what it has to do with Forex.

That is until you read Douglas Murrays previous book ‘The strange death of Europe’.

Douglas Murray is one very astute guy. Really do like reading anything by him.

And it is certainly true - the West is killing itself with ‘woke’ culture.

I live in the East, and the very idea of wokeness and political correctness is laughable.

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No harm in a litte light hearted chit chat.



I’m now on Page 7 ! - I put it down after 2 pages, just to savour what I had read. I think it is a very important work and will enjoy reading it slowly.

I think it is really beyond rational dispute that that is correct - in fact I read somewhere that the “Chinese” have a word for it - a word meaning something like “The western disease…” if I remember correcty !

I’d really find it helpful if You could let us know in a little more detail - approximately where yu are located and what those “from the East” are really saying about it ? Also I’d like any of the rest of our members from the “non-western” parts of the world to let us know how their regions view this

Also if anyone knows what that word i referred to is and what it means I’d be grateful



Amen to that. You don’t see too many protests on climate change or LGBTTQIWTF or equality in China or Korea or Japan or any of those Asian countries except dumb ass Australian’s.



Falstaff - I spend most my time in Malaysia and Thailand.

But wherever you go in Asia they are proud of their cultures.

People in Asia are generally very accepting of other people but if you if you start rocking the boat - or demanding ‘equal rights’ theyll just laugh at you.

The Frankfurt school of cultural marxism hasnt reached here yet thank god.

On a side note - if you havent read Douglas Murrays book about Europe you should.

Defintely makes you wonder if the EU will be around much longer.

Don’t let them get complacent mate - It started off like that over here too - but crept in through the universities who n0w routinely indoctrinate our children’s teachers in order to capture the juvenile mind - just like Hitler did with “Hitler Youth” and Stalin did in Russia encuraging children to “Shop” their parents to the “thought police” in true 1984 style.

One thing we never hear is how all this got to where it is now - try listening to the next 4 - 5 minutes or so of Douglas Murray’s conversation with Rubin - it’'s fascinating !

In fact the whole thing discussed in the video from the start so the last second - is so new and revealing that it has depths of understanding throughout that is should be a compulsory viewing and examination subject for all TEACHERS, Lawyers, so called “Climate Scientists” and Politicians !

I’ve seen this and it is brilliant.



Some of the results of the fear of retribution which Murray refers to can be seen here

We MUST join together and prevent Good People from being branded with those career and life destroying words so loved by the deranged - “Racist”, “Xenophobe”, “Misogynist”, “Fascist” “Climate Denier” “Homophobe” “Transphobe” - etc etc etc - Ad-nausiem - MUST be disallowed as assertions and people thus attacked MUST be protected from de-platforming, de-monetising. We MUST protect people from having Careers and Livelihoods destroyed by these means !

We who consider ourselves Good People MUST be prepared to call out those who try this on - We the silent majority MUST assert our right to call this “PC madness” - just that !

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Ian Dale walks out - after being shouted down and talked over by two of the products of PC - diversity and Inclusivity, for having an opinion which started to sound as tho it may differ from the “correct view” !

I have moved the post to this thread

It does demonstrate however - that Murray’s assertion is correct and why “The adults have left the room…”

He threw it away in an amateurish way. He’s a professional and normally so astute. Walking out just made him look weak and petulant even if he was right. He should have stayed on and gritted his teeth and turned it round on the programme hosts and waited it out.

I disagree as you could see his frustration at not being able to even talk let alone give a point of view. Those interviewing him were arrogant and ignorant fools.

The old saying “Debating fools about foolishness they will beat you with experience ever time”



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I agree they really are arrogant and ignorant, but Iain gave up, he surrendered. So he offered his critics a way to spin this as if he didn’t reply because he didn’t have a reply: he didn’t contest what they said and how they behaved because he couldn’t win: he ran away.

More broadly, his walk-out offered encouragement to people like these and also TV hosts and directors to encourage this sort of thing again because it makes for dramatic TV.

He should have stayed on, turned it round on the hosts and hoped and prayed that one of his critics would hit him.

I don’t think he ran away. I think he was making a point - that people do not have to put up with being shrieked at and talked over in public discourse by people who cannot formulate a proper argument using words as they are intended to be used ; simply using them as weapons instead. Note the “male” said as he left “Well HE’s West Ham supporter…”

Iain Dale was on GMB again this morning debating a single woman about something or other (Don’t know what - I only caught the end of it) but he was before the same 2 hosts and what I saw of the discussion was conducted in the way we are used to seeing debates.

In view of the short time period, I believe this to be a message that ITV have learned a lesson here - that reasonable people will not tolerate the obnoxious way in which those two behaved. I hope we see a change in the way ITV host these discussions in future.

We’ll see - but clearly neither they nor Iain are holding grudges and I say “well done” to both parties :sunglasses:

As an aside; we have been finding it Hard to deal with the way these SJW postmodernist types use words constant repetition of spurious statements and loud voices - refusing to let others get a word in so the other side of teh argument is prevented from being aired by their unreasonable behaviour - Perhaps we are learning some way towards how to deal with their tricks ?

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If walking out of a TV interview was a great tactical move we would see people re-using it. But have we ever ever seen anyone walk out of a second interview? Has that ever even happened? Can anyone be named who has walked out of 2 or more TV interviews?