The Madness of Crowds?

Falstaff - I spend most my time in Malaysia and Thailand.

But wherever you go in Asia they are proud of their cultures.

People in Asia are generally very accepting of other people but if you if you start rocking the boat - or demanding ‘equal rights’ theyll just laugh at you.

The Frankfurt school of cultural marxism hasnt reached here yet thank god.

On a side note - if you havent read Douglas Murrays book about Europe you should.

Defintely makes you wonder if the EU will be around much longer.

Don’t let them get complacent mate - It started off like that over here too - but crept in through the universities who n0w routinely indoctrinate our children’s teachers in order to capture the juvenile mind - just like Hitler did with “Hitler Youth” and Stalin did in Russia encuraging children to “Shop” their parents to the “thought police” in true 1984 style.

One thing we never hear is how all this got to where it is now - try listening to the next 4 - 5 minutes or so of Douglas Murray’s conversation with Rubin - it’'s fascinating !

In fact the whole thing discussed in the video from the start so the last second - is so new and revealing that it has depths of understanding throughout that is should be a compulsory viewing and examination subject for all TEACHERS, Lawyers, so called “Climate Scientists” and Politicians !

I’ve seen this and it is brilliant.



Some of the results of the fear of retribution which Murray refers to can be seen here

We MUST join together and prevent Good People from being branded with those career and life destroying words so loved by the deranged - “Racist”, “Xenophobe”, “Misogynist”, “Fascist” “Climate Denier” “Homophobe” “Transphobe” - etc etc etc - Ad-nausiem - MUST be disallowed as assertions and people thus attacked MUST be protected from de-platforming, de-monetising. We MUST protect people from having Careers and Livelihoods destroyed by these means !

We who consider ourselves Good People MUST be prepared to call out those who try this on - We the silent majority MUST assert our right to call this “PC madness” - just that !

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Ian Dale walks out - after being shouted down and talked over by two of the products of PC - diversity and Inclusivity, for having an opinion which started to sound as tho it may differ from the “correct view” !

I have moved the post to this thread

It does demonstrate however - that Murray’s assertion is correct and why “The adults have left the room…”

He threw it away in an amateurish way. He’s a professional and normally so astute. Walking out just made him look weak and petulant even if he was right. He should have stayed on and gritted his teeth and turned it round on the programme hosts and waited it out.

I disagree as you could see his frustration at not being able to even talk let alone give a point of view. Those interviewing him were arrogant and ignorant fools.

The old saying “Debating fools about foolishness they will beat you with experience ever time”



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I agree they really are arrogant and ignorant, but Iain gave up, he surrendered. So he offered his critics a way to spin this as if he didn’t reply because he didn’t have a reply: he didn’t contest what they said and how they behaved because he couldn’t win: he ran away.

More broadly, his walk-out offered encouragement to people like these and also TV hosts and directors to encourage this sort of thing again because it makes for dramatic TV.

He should have stayed on, turned it round on the hosts and hoped and prayed that one of his critics would hit him.

I don’t think he ran away. I think he was making a point - that people do not have to put up with being shrieked at and talked over in public discourse by people who cannot formulate a proper argument using words as they are intended to be used ; simply using them as weapons instead. Note the “male” said as he left “Well HE’s West Ham supporter…”

Iain Dale was on GMB again this morning debating a single woman about something or other (Don’t know what - I only caught the end of it) but he was before the same 2 hosts and what I saw of the discussion was conducted in the way we are used to seeing debates.

In view of the short time period, I believe this to be a message that ITV have learned a lesson here - that reasonable people will not tolerate the obnoxious way in which those two behaved. I hope we see a change in the way ITV host these discussions in future.

We’ll see - but clearly neither they nor Iain are holding grudges and I say “well done” to both parties :sunglasses:

As an aside; we have been finding it Hard to deal with the way these SJW postmodernist types use words constant repetition of spurious statements and loud voices - refusing to let others get a word in so the other side of teh argument is prevented from being aired by their unreasonable behaviour - Perhaps we are learning some way towards how to deal with their tricks ?

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If walking out of a TV interview was a great tactical move we would see people re-using it. But have we ever ever seen anyone walk out of a second interview? Has that ever even happened? Can anyone be named who has walked out of 2 or more TV interviews?

There is a Fox news host of The Five at Five called Jessie Watters and he did a series of interviews with university students on campus about SJW issues and it is both funny and pittyful to watch those who are suppose to be the next generation of brain waves answer or rather fail to answer basic questions using logic.



I hate crowds…

ps. nice advert

I went and watched quite a few of his little clips - not sure I found the series you refer to tho many of tehm were indeed regarding students of “Huge” intellect :wink:

Can you pop a link in to one for me please ?

However I have some uneasiness about so-called Universities and their students - wonder if we should have a thread on it ?

Wow - 16 straight 5 star reviews - Never seen that before ! (But I do like Tucker Carlson and watch a lot of his stuff on Fox)

Perhaps we can come back to that if we do that “University” thread ?
My Grandad was a dyed in the wool Labour voter - had Kier Hardy’s book “From Serfdom to Socialism” - Used sing his version of the red flag quite tunefully addressing the hypocrisy of the underdog ;

"The working class can kiss my A##
I’ve Got the forman’s job at last"

Also had a copy of the Koran and was very knowledgeable on Dickens and Shakespeare, Geography, History etc - but no formal “Education” as such

Reminds me of a joke from the 60’s or early 70’s (Fred Wedlock I think)

"How do you rate Dickens then ?
Don’t know I’ve never been to one ! "

Well Murray’s new book cannot be considered as a right wing diatribe ! - Well only if you’re so “Woke” you’ll never sleep again :wink:

I’d like to put up a point or two from each chapter - to give a “taste” of it - but I know I can’t even give a flavour of the depth of rational thought and logical deduction he brings to the subjects

Anyhow lets give it a go ;

He looks at Gay, Race, Feminism and Trans and at east for the first three he compares them mto addressing genuine issues which needed addressing and that for a long while, progress was made - like a train making a journey - then just as they were slowing down and pulling into the destination station, it was as though something went wrong with the controls and they accellerated madly through the station and down the track until they flew off the rails and crashed into the crowd creating all sorts of destruction.

I guess he does Gay first as it is his only claim to the virtue of victimhood and e treats it in a totally thorough, impartial and unbiased way as far as I can tell.

He says of LGBTQxxxxxx That it is Not really an identity group at all - because L’s and G’s have little in common and don’t really communicate or frequent the same spaces, but they both are suspicious of the B’s - All three of them are deeply distrustful of the T’s and the Q’s are really a fringe and difficult to define although he has a creditable stab at it ! I don’t remember whether he looks at any of the “Other Letters” which sem to get added every day or not.

He also says that many heterosexual men are “nervous” of Homosexual men and seem to regard them as “the men who know too much” !

It really IS a great read and just the starting point in a journey which every single person really needs to take in the current Ideological turmoil we are going through!

Sorry @Falstaff they must have taken down the one I saw. I looked but couldn’t find. I notice that youtube does that. Even when I am watching youtube conservative media shows a day after they have been posted they are edited and bad things about the Socialist Left is cut out.

So many lies these days and so many attempts to re-write history.






RACE Chapter

1963 - Martin Luther King most famus speech ;

"…“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”…"

Now apparently that we have achieved a situation close to that in the UK and USA we are being told that Character is nothing and your identity as identified by the colour of your skin is everything ! “People of colour” are exactly equal but in some strange way “Better” and that we white people have to start paying retribution for all the “Badness” we have inflicted on them over the centuries. Even though neither we nr "they were evn alive at the time and so we cannot be “Guilty” unless we accept the biblical proposition that “the sins of the father shal be visited on the sons” (Pardon me if my quote is inaccurate) The underlying agenda of division and hatred fostering by those who profess to champion the “Race” cause is visible in this agenda.

It was visible in this 30 second clip from question time - but it is clearly impossible to be racist against whites - especially if they happen to be male.

Which he discusses with JHB very briefly Here;

The Chapter is extensive and examines in detail as do all his others - He identifies that if the persecution continues - then the kickback will happen and can easily go in directions which no reasonable person would want them to and which cannot have positive outcomes. These directions you will have to buy the book to find out !

Perhaps this is what the SJWs actually want ?

I found her !

Titania McGrath - live ;