The market is red, who is buying and what?

Discounts everywhere to be had if you’re long crypto.

  • Everything is red on the L1s side.
  • L2’s only green is MATIC, OP. HEX is up 20% right now, wow… SOL under $100
  • Gaming, ATLAS down 15%. BLOK up 11%. ONE down 10% (@Mondeoman, you were a buyer of this for some time). Rev is up 15%.
  • Services, FIL is down nearly 10%, ICP down 9.5%, GRT down 8.25%
  • DEFI, JOE down 11%, MOVR down 8%
  • Grayscale Investments - LPT down 7%, MANA down 5.7%, SEC down 9%

Lot’s of discounts. Anybody DCAing or getting more favorable entries before the craziness of tomorrow?