The Market Open on Sunday

Something I do not understand. I learned that the market open on Sunday starting from Tokyo 7PM EDT (NewYork Time). But Now is 5:42PM EDT, I notice that the market has been open. Do I miss something? I use the MT4 from NortFinance and it�s a demo account.

I beleive there is a market pre-open a bit like stochs. You would not want to trade prior to the Japanese coming on line and even then the liquidity isnt fantastic but there can be some good moves in the Yen crosses

Hmmm… I do not really understand what you meant in the stochastic at prior open.

on my North Finance demo account I deliberated letting one trace dragged over the weekend. The pair is EURUSD. at time 5:42PM EDT, the price moved to less than 10 pips to the S/L and I had to move the S/L further. And it accepted the modification! I did not close the trade at the time though.

I tried to modify the trace yesterday (Saturday), the MT4 did not accept the change due to the market close. But why it worked before the market open today?

Sorry I meant stocks as in stock market. I have been doing too much fx obviously!

The Foreign exchange market begins trading every week at 5pm EDT as the Australian and New Zealand banks open for business

Ok Thanks, actually it should be 4pmEDT (5pm ET).